The strange case of Coppin

Duncan Cahill - 07 11 16
Mr & Mrs Coppin on their wedding day

I would be telling nobody anything they did not already know was I to say the British far-right was full of oddballs. Weirdoes. I’m not going to spend all day narrowing it down or comparing one plank with another, but allow me to introduce (or reintroduce if necessary,) Margate’s David Coppin.

Coppin used to be the envy of model train enthusiast’s world-wide as he was one of the lucky few who managed to get a job at the Hornby model railway company many, many years ago. What a place to work!

In Liverpool with drug lord, Shane Calvert

David managed over twenty years in their warehouse with hardly an incident, until one day a few years ago he got gobby and racist with somebody who decided to punch him on the nose.

Whatever the upshot or the rights and wrongs of the situation, Coppin was frogmarched out with a cheque in his back pocket.

Since then, Coppin has spent whatever money he has accumulated and of course from the property he owns with his brother too, on traveling the country following any far-right group that will have him tagging along like the dullard he is. Even racist dullards find Coppin a particularly and peculiarly racist dullard. And he’s been everywhere with everyone; Nottingham, Preston, Margate, Liverpool, Dover you name it- and that is just this year.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the National Front, English Defence League (EDL), poorly Pegida, National Acne or even the drug gangs in the north west; David Coppin will be there if there is a demo happening.

In Margate two weeks ago David was on the ‘White Lives Matter’ march. But it was hardly a moment he could enjoy with his family and friends all together. No, David actually sent his wife away for that day.

With Pegida

This last weekend, David was up and about in Darlington with the hard-line boy monsters of National Action and the drug fuelled hooligans of the North East Infidels, two of the nastiest gangs of racists active in the United Kingdom. There was nazi saluting and racist chants for everyone.

More than anything, David seems to go for ‘White Pride’ anti-immigration protests of late. And, of course, nazism.

Sadly, he has not been sharing these interests with his wife and family. That’s because she is neither white nor what David’s friends would class as ‘British’.

David’s wife, as you can tell from the picture, is Asian. She is a Filipino born in the Philippines. David knows that, he went to her country to meet and marry her.

So it makes you wonder what sort of sick person, with an Asian wife would spend their spare time and spare cash racing around the country being racist about other people who are not white or not born in the country.

David loves spending time with his Asian wife and her family down on the beach, and he loves his now extended Asian family, as we have lots of nice family photos of them all that we have chosen not to publish.

There’s more than just one word for the sort of person David is.


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