Quick, hide your nazi faces

Matthew Collins - 08 11 16
National Action without their knickers on their head

National Action without their knickers on their head

Every time the nazi sex gang National Action (NA) leave their Wendy Houses these days, Poland positively shakes with the fear of invasion.

Yes, they may be just black clad and sex craved boy scouts who post girlie pics up on their secret Facebook/VK pages, but these serious nazi types admit it even themselves, that the next deranged and inadequate racist sex offender or terrorist will no doubt come from their ranks.

On the weekend they joined Margate based “race mixer” David Coppin and a couple of convicted crack dealers from the North East Infidels for a fifteen minute march around Darlington making nazi salutes.

Alex Davies: A spotty bother

Alex Davies: A spotty bother

The plan was that National Action would all (well, twenty of them) meet in Yates Wine Lodge to get their hair and make-up done, but the bloody place only went and shut the doors on them, leaving the gang feeling black and picking their noses in a cafe instead.

Still unable to muster more than twenty to one of their little processions hasn’t left NA with any doubts over the supreme brilliance and rightful place as the top disappointments’ of the British far-right. By all accounts, the German gang Indentitäre Bewegung were less than impressed with the group’s weird leader, Ben Raymond.

Raymond tells so many lies, that he is even beginning to believe his own propaganda! One thing that he should not be too surprised to hear is that the Father he told everyone was dead, has been found alive and well in Catalonia singing in nightclubs. We’ll leave it there before it all turns a bit ‘De Niro’ on us. The last thing we would ever want is National Action’s ideological detritus to become upset. Or anything like how the Germans described he and Lawrence…

Raymond’s number two, the sex-starved pimple that is Alex Davies appears to be getting bored with National Action and has himself become somewhat infatuated with Mark Collet instead. News that Davies is perhaps trying to get John Walker’s old job of doing the little jobs around the house that Collet could not do himself will no doubt infuriate some in National Action. Why, Collet himself used to prance around in front of mirrors like a nazi, but is (almost) all grown up now and is trying to convince other youngsters of the error of their ways. And if that doesn’t convince them how brilliant Collet is these days, they really should ring John Walker about the perks.

Ivan The Terrible has gone into hiding back in Lithuania

Ivan The Terrible has gone into hiding back in Lithuania

But it’s not all been porn and arrests for alleged child abuse in National Action these days. There’s also been some serious stuff. One man who appears to not be partaking in the serious stuff is “Ivan” their Lithuanian member and shite graffiti artist, who has fled the country allegedly. “Ivan” (I am not going to reveal his real name here) we have written about before. He used to wax lyrical about how he loved pederasty and wanted to discover more about it. Then he vanished off home all of a sudden. Had he found out too much? Who knows? What we do know is, he “borrowed” some money from the movement on his way…


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