National Front make their tiniest insult yet

Matthew Collins - 14 11 16
The NF insult our war dead yesterday

Every Remembrance Sunday and a good few hours after the war heroes, the Royals and world’s media has left the Cenotaph in central London, a gaggle of boneheaded neo-nazis and their leaders’ in the National Front (NF) shuffle up Whitehall and lay a wreath for a combination of other things they felt were missing from the official remembrance ceremony.

When they first started doing this march nearly fifty years ago, the NF would lay a wreath for the South African soldiers who had died in World War Two. Well, the white ones anyway.

In recent years and as the NF has declined to just a pitiful handful they have thrown their wreaths onto the Cenotaph in memory of their Nazi heroes too.

Yesterday the NF were back at the Cenotaph. Around fifty of them managed the shuffle. It has been a traumatic year for the nazi party with dozens of their members being incarcerated for drug offences, domestic violence and rioting. They also managed to have another trauma, by shedding another chunk of their members last month.

They’ll say they had hundreds there

The party’s former Chairman, Kevin Bryan- most famous for crashing his car into a bus, has been taking a greater role in the party since the split. Last Thursday the group dumped by him and what remains of the NF, revealed they had evidence that Bryan used to beat his girlfriend.

Bryan was one of a number of people who decided they would not join the march in London yesterday through fear of confrontation with their renegade former colleagues. Even Darren Lumb who has been behind most of the bullying and threats stayed away.

Still, one bright moment was the appearance of the English Defence League’s (EDL) Muslim supporter, Abdul Rafiq.

Rafiq watches the NF march

Yes, the man most normally seen singing anti-Catholic songs and running around with the EDL, was down by the side of the NF’s march, one assumes to show support.

It’s hard to tell if it is he or the NF that must be most desperate for friends in the circumstances.


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