Holocaust denying Daniel Lewis in Auschwitz shame

Sarah Archibald - 17 11 16
Holocaust denying Daniel Lewis

We’ve written before about Wigan’s Daniel Lewis, a man who as well as having a fondness for stalking and harassing women, once called for gays to be gassed.

It should perhaps comes as no surprise that the former NF grunt is a Holocaust denier. What might surprise though is that he would go as far as to visit Auschwitz in order to promote his denial.

He even posed in front a gas chamber to prove, apparently, that they didn’t exist.

Lewis denying the slaughter of 6 million Jews.

Shameless smirking Wigan fascist.

Some 1 million Jews died at Auschwitz, most in those very chambers, others through starvation, infection, the affects of forced labour. Some of those held at the camp were also subject to horrific medical experiments.

Today the site houses the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum which exists to preserve the awful truth, to remind us of the horrors inflicted by the Nazi regime. Of course history and education are anathema to a neo-fascist thug like Lewis, a man who can’t even spell the name of the place he just visited.

On the off chance that he wants an education he should watch Auschwitz survivor Chaim Ferster relate his experiences at the concentration and extermination camp. It’s a difficult watch, upsetting.

Lewis should also remember all those that fell fighting the Nazis, those that we as a nation remembered last Sunday. Thankfully his old NF colleagues were little able to disrespect Rembrance Sunday this year.

No longer part of the all but defunct National Front, Lewis now hangs with the infinitesimally small gang that trades as British Nationalists. Active among this minute mob is one of the North’s most virulent Hitler-lickers, the recently unemployed fork lift driver Lacette Brooks. Adolf comes before the kids there.


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