BNP loses its last councillor and more fascist feathers fly

Matthew Collins - 24 11 16

The British National Party’s last remaining district councillor has quit the party, joining his local organiser Chris Vaans aka Chris Vance who quit mid-conference last weekend. Is it any wonder the BNP no longer videos its own conferences?

The British National Party (BNP) does maintain a few parish and town councillors. Think of the Vicar of Dibley with swastikas.

Brain Parker: No mention by the BNP of his departure

A little dickie bird also tells me that Paul Ainscough quit the BNP at the weekend too. It may be to do with the missing accounts and may allegedly be to do with £20,000 he allegedly recently gifted the party not showing up in the missing accounts.

Who remembers what their Dawn had to say last year about how the party was being run?

You may recall how in January of this year we paid a visit to the BNP’s shoddy offices in Wigton, Cumbria. It’s a hell of a place. Whisper around town is that the party has finally vacated those offices and moved into a tiny room above a high street convenience store in the town, instead.

The National Front were less than happy with us airing their dirty laundry ealrier this week. But them and the BNP are not the only ones having trouble keeping their mess together. The latest issue of Heritage and Destiny (H&D) magazine fell into my grubby palms yesterday. H&D is edited by an old comrade of mine from our days in the NF together, Mark Cotterill now of Preston.

Mark Cotterill: No relation to Dave Coppin

Always one to jump ship qucikly when things go wrong, “Chi-Chi” as his old and racist detractors lovingly call him, has announced that there will be no John Tyndall Memorial meeting this year. Not that poor old John would be too bothered (what with him being dead) that a bunch of nazis are using his name to get drunk and raise some money off his name.

Last year’s event was a bit of a disaster, what with drug gangs and wife beaters descending on Preston at the same time. Cotterill’s editorial is best left here so that those mentioned can themselves take it up with him, later. But he’s named names and called people grasses.

Cotterill calls out the alleged grasses

And finally, we don’t mention him much any more, but our friend, the man’s man that is Jack Sen– leader of the Jack Sen Five, has released a fitness video. Yes, so that the white man can fight back, Jack has made a very (un)professional video on his Iphone from the safety of his kitchen. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Jack once beat Joseph Stalin up in a night club. Still, when it comes to fighting that notorious Trotskyite, if Jack says it happened, it happened.


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