Margate’s Nazi cupcakes

Matthew Collins - 13 12 16
Cupcakes from Camden to Margate with love

Cupcakes from Camden to Margate with love

Two years ago, one Kim Kalkowski was a major preoccupation for anti-fascists in Camden Town, the small cosmopolitan corner of north London, synonymous with overpriced pints, down at heel pop stars, al fresco diners and gawking, browsing visitors and tourists.

This preoccupation had a habit of following her around. Similar, scandalous rumours had driven Kalkowski and her Italian boyfriend David from her native Germany. After all, all that high profile vegan Kalkowski (known as Kim) did was to open a vegan cake shop in a hip and trendy part of London.

Kim before leaving Camden in a hurry

Kim before leaving Camden in a hurry

Investigations by a number of outlets (including the equally hip Vice) threw up an interesting tale of Italian fascists domiciled in one of Britain’s most multicultural areas, the part-time residence of a certain Roberto Fiore and plenty of evidence that Kim’s boyfriend and employee, David Lavezzoli, had more than just a passing flirtation with violent gangs of fascists both in his native Italy and also those now domiciled in multicultural Camden Town.

There was even talk of Bonehead gigs in Camden boozers, windows being smashed in the dead of night and Kim’s shop ‘Cakes ‘N’ Treats, the subject of a boycott by residents.

Fast-forward over two years down to the English seaside resort of Margate, in Kent. For years, the town was in popular decline. Until recently, London councils had been filling empty seafront accommodation with emergency overspill.

Recently, however, the place has undergone a renaissance with the reopening of the £20m publicly funded historic Dreamland amusement park and a contemporary art gallery.

Earlier this year the town was christened “Shoreditch-on-Sea” as a wave of new indie-shops breathed life into the Old Town and beaten up old pubs threw out their drunks and began serving coffee on tablecloths, cask ales and posh lagers.

Lavezzoli  ingratiates himself with unsuspecting local

Lavezzoli ingratiates himself with unsuspecting local

There’s a smell of fresh paint and new money in the town now thanks, in the main, to the decision to doff its cap to two of its favourite artistic notorieties: Joseph Turner and Tracey Emin.

Margate is no longer just another seaside town that forgot to close down. And, yes and, even a vegan cake shop and an Italian delicatessen-cum -restaurant moved in where previously there was just a Pizza Hut and an old bakers.

The cake shop, titled Seaside Cake Parlour is owned by one Kim Stickling – the maiden name of the aforementioned Kalkowski – and the nearby Italian restaurant, L’Olivio, is owned by one David [Carnevale] aka David Lavezzoli both of Camden Town infamy.

Even though they claim they are no longer together, Kalkowski and Lavezzoli live together and their businesses are registered to their address. Both are only a few metres away from each other. Committed vegan Kalkowski also works in David’s rather non-vegan restaurant.

This new renaissance for the town has also bought Italian and Swedish boneheads to the town. Boneheads are now regular visitors to Margate – 77 miles from London – to consult their cakie specialists, David Lavezzoli and Kim Kalkowski.

We now have dozens of photographs that show despite her claims, Kim is not exactly the continual accidental acquaintance of violent fascists and nazis and the couple recently attended the Blood &Honour ‘ISD’ concert in Cambridgeshire.

Graffiti by David and Kim's flat

Graffiti by David and Kim’s flat

The seemingly unsuspecting landlords and landladies, finally enjoying a renaissance of the seaside boozer now often play host to gangs of tattooed Boneheads from abroad. One pub even put out a picture of their heavily tattooed Italian neighbour and restaurateur on social media wearing an England shirt.

By all accounts, certain Boneheads like nothing more than trudging along the sandy beach in their large boots as if they were following in the footsteps of the original Vikings.

Lavezzoli, who appears to be the child of some kind of aristocratic Italian hippies, loves tattoos, so it should come as no surprise that the notorious Swedish tattooist Björn Stam is another regular visitor to the couple.

Lavezzoli and Stam enjoy the seaside

Lavezzoli and Stam enjoy the seaside

We visited the cake shop in Margate, but it was closed. Kalkowski, now using her maiden name Stickling, was out of the country and did not return our calls. Neither was L’Olivio open.

However, Lavezzoli was available to chat on the phone. He acknowledged he is the same David Lavezzoli who had run around with Italian fascists and hooligans in London, but denied he was a fascist himself. “I just have lots of fascist friends. And friends from the left side,” he told us.

Bjorn Stam: Tattooed life at the seaside

Bjorn Stam: Tattooed life at the seaside

When asked about the numerous photographs that exist of him entertaining nazis, Lavezzoli suggested we visited him to find out, when he could then cut off our testicles and feed them to us.

As of yet we have not decided whether we prefer them sautéed, roasted or battered.

And now this…

Mossa makes a Margate cocktail of hate

Mossa makes a Margate cocktail of hate

An Italian fugitive has been arrested in Margate, Kent, by officers from Scotland Yard after the Italian authorities issued a European arrest warrant.

The arrest took place on Friday 25 November 25 after police in Lucca in central Italy were tipped off he was hiding there.

Adam Mossa, 28, was arrested working at a seafood restaurant. He is a well known member of the “Bulldogs” football hooligan gang
and lead singer/guitarist of nazi hate music band Nessuna Resa

Mossa had been on the run since being found guilty and sentenced to eight years of house arrest when he and other gang members launched a violent attack on a pub in 2010.

Mossa as the nazi thug wanted in Italy

Mossa as the nazi thug wanted in Italy

The assault resulted in a man permanently losing the sight in one eye. Sentences were eventually passed in July 2015. Two other fascists got seven years each.

Mossa was a well known associate with other Italian nazis currently residing in and hanging around Margate.

Already there is a number of funding events being set up in the vain hope of helping Mossa, who is due to appear at the Old Bailey on 14 December, fight extradition.

Among those who have come forward to help is Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson’s old chum, the convicted terrorist Roberto Fiore. His fascist group has organized a fundraising “gig” for Mossa.


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