Shaun Moth calls for murder of “filthy red c*nts”

Matthew Collins - 14 12 16
Moth flying back to jail?

Moth flying back to jail?

Internet hardman Shaun Moth yesterday invited police attention by calling for the murder of Brexit campaigner Gina Mills and the Shadow Home Office minster Diane Abbott.

He also wrote in relation to the vicious killing by far right murderer Thomas Mair of Batley and Spen’s Labour MP Jo Cox. His view? That “The more filthy red c*unts like Jo Cox get a bullet the better.”

His odious comments were made when sharing a post about on the proscription of neo-Nazi nutters National Action on his own social media page.

The Facebook page which was set up by Preston’s David Roocroft and was once caught out fleecing the Royal British Legion, is something of a magnet for far right crazies. One of its current admins is believed to be Bolton fascist Craig Barnes who stood with National Action when they visited his hometown last month.

A highly disturbed individual Moth also admitted he had been scouring the internet for “funny Jo Cox murder pictures”. His pal then suggested her dreadful murder was a false flag incident.

He also posted to the New Daily Patriot of his desire to create his own political party. This would be called DRIVE, standing for Directly Resolve Immigration Via Extermination.

We wonder whether this disgusting specimen is the same Shaun Moth who was jailed in December 2015 for posting that he hoped a missing three-year-old Asian boy be found “under the wheels of a bus.” The child’s body was discovered the next day after he had been murdered.

Before he was given a 12 month sentence the court heard Moth was a heavy drinker and regular cocaine user.

Because social media is rife with fake profiles we’re erring on the side of caution here, but should the same Shaun Moth now be picking up on old habits, we can reveal he’s also a proudly anti-semitic Odin admirer.

He’s also apoplectic that a print company refused to reproduce his picture of Adolf Hitler on a canvas. Not unreasonably they found his request a bit distasteful.

In order that the police may ascertain whether this Shaun Moth is the same one involved in the Mikaeel Kular case, we have copied the Facebook URL linked to the posts made this week. Given his public call for the “slow and painful death” of women in the public eye and the extermination of immigrants, this is one social media commentator in need of a police interview.


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