Bulgarian militia gives Britain First the brush-off

Matthew Collins - 03 02 17
Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin with their Russian front

Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin with their Russian front

Even our “friends” in the ranks of the far-right have been querying the behaviour of Britain First’s (BF) leadership of late. In the main this is due to the behaviour of their leader Paul Golding, who issued startling threats against politicians, journalists and others he deemed worthy of his hatred in an astonishing video he released not long after his release from prison last month.

We had been wondering since last September when we exposed (the newspaper ‘Exclusives’ followed a couple of months later) Britain First’s founder Jim Dowson hanging out with masked militia men in Bulgaria, how long it would be until Golding and his deputy Jayda Fransen latched onto the idea of bringing militias from abroad to parade on Britain’s streets with them.

Dowson's last outing with Britain First in Dewsbury last January

Dowson’s last outing with Britain First in Dewsbury last January

Last Thursday, Fransen announced on Twitter that the “famous” Bulgarian militia of Jim Dowson’s infamy (they all have it in for him) would be speaking at BF’s demonstration in Telford, pencilled in for February 25th.

That announcement, it would appear, more than riled Dowson, who has fallen in and out of love with Golding and Fransen umpteen times over the past two or three years. Word is that the three of them have not been in the same room together since a heated exchange at Britain First demonstration in Dewsbury in January 2016 over Britain First’s failed venture into Europe (Hungary).

Fransen thinks she has more men in green

Fransen thinks she has more men in green

The day was also marked by Dowson insiting that Britain First provide somebody to carry his wooden cross for him whilst he paraded around town dressed like Herr Flick.

Since that argument, Dowson has made somewhat of a name for himself in Europe, and dare we say, in the United States also. HOPE not hate will contend that Dowson and Nick Griffin’s activities in Bulgaria in particular is at the behest of either the Russian far-right or the Syrian government. Or both. There will be more on this in our State of Hate report due out next week.

Britain First announce their special guests

Britain First announce their special guests

Now the militia in question- part of the far-right Bulgarian National Movement/League of Veterans, operating on a website almost certainly built for them by Dowson’s nationalist hub in Budapest, have angrily pulled out of the visit to Britain.

Writing in English, they proclaim:

We will NOT participate in such protests scheduled in the UK, because we are not Islam-haters but rather true patriots defending the human rights and liberties guaranteed by the Declaration of Human Rights of the UN to all free-born European citizens. We seek the revival and the independence and sovereignty of the European nations along with their various moral and family traditions.

Bulgarian militia: Dowson's fingerprints all over it

Bulgarian militia: Dowson’s fingerprints all over it

The statement itself is another warped version of Dowson’s own ideological differences with Britain First. Hunting down Muslim refugees and allegedly handing their details to the Syrian security services is fine, but in the case of Britain (or at least Britain First) “WILL DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN PROTESTS AGAINST MUSLIM COMMUNITIES IN EUROPE WHICH CONFESS THE TRADITIONAL ISLAM, AND UPHOLD THE MORAL, TRADITIONS AND VALUES OF THEIR PEOPLE.” Yes, they did shout it just like that, apparently.

What a tangled web these boys and girls really do weave.


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