Weekend roundup

Duncan Cahill - 05 02 17
Gil Gould aka Joachim Piper, on the far-right

No sooner had my colleague asked what had become of Gil Gould then up he pops with the South East Alliance (SEA) gang in Sunderland yesterday.

Gould, who is on the far-right in the lead picture is also known as Joachim Piper. Neither he nor the rest of the people in the photograph seem to care that David Coppin (on the far-left) is with them. Coppin has a Chinese wife that he does not take on his Nazi adventures- such is his love for her, no doubt.

For our next trick, we’ll ask why did ‘Angry’ Al Francis up and leave Essex in the middle of the night and move into a mobile home in the East Midlands?

Billy Charlton: So good, he quotes himself

A small gang of Nazis were up and about in Sunderland yesterday, but this did antagonise another gang of Nazis also domiciled in Sunderland. This on going argument between two gangs of meatheads is only worth following because Billy Charlton makes it so worthwhile. I have to concur with Charlton on this one; Simon Biggs’s talents are not in the speaking department.

A few daft lads in Sunderland yesterday

The comments by Charlton certainly upset rival Nazi Warren Faulkner who runs the North East Infidels. The convicted thug took great offence to Charlton’s comments on Facebook and hit back claiming he too is a big time thug. Etc, etc

Faulkner: Guilty but still uncharged

The big surprise in Sunderland was the return of the dubious Gary Crane and Right Wing Resistance. Despite claiming he is the hardest Nazi in Britain, Crane and his gang were chased away by other Nazis before the Social could catch up with them.

Crane and co before being told to leave town

Down in that there London, there was trouble at mill for the London Forum when a large gang of black-clad anarchists pounced on their secret meeting venue and shouted nasty things about Kevin Layzell’s hands being in Polish Maria’s knicker drawer and Stead Steadman’s all-year-round ‘Sturmabteilung’ shorts. No prizes for guessing that they were probably looking for the gang of Polish Nazis led by Arkadiusz Rzepinski and David Czerwonko who launched a violent attack on a squat last weekend. Czerwonko has apparently gone back to Poland until his hand gets better, while Rzepinksi is still living and working on a building site in Peckham, South London.

By all accounts no fewer than eleven Metropolitan Police riot vans were needed to carry Eddy Morrison’s rider out of the venue after he failed to turn up and guzzle it. And there was no sign of Rzepinski (above), either.

And finally, as we predicted, Roy Price his home safe and sound. Now wonder so many members of the SEA are missing or in Sunderland.


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