Burglar’s racist rant sends racist with Asian wife to the Philippines

Matthew Collins - 06 02 17

One of the first things you learn about the extreme far-right is they would much prefer you did what they say than did what they do.

We have long wished that Margate based racist David Coppin would perhaps see the error of his ways. After all, despite hanging around with violent and racist neo-Nazis, Mr Coppin has an Asian wife. She is Filipino.

Despite having a wife who is deemed by many of his associates as being inferior due to her ethnicity or at least deemed unwelcome due to her place of birth, Coppin still likes to travel up and down the country to racist marches and rallies and hang around with people who would probably push his wife off a bus or simply attack her in the street if they had half a chance.

Coppin: Sick, sick little man

Coppin: Sick, sick little man

What’s even more bizarre/sad/sickening in the case of Mr Coppin is of course, that he took great pleasure in another defenceless woman being murdered by someone who associated with the same racist views as his- and she was white!

To say the least, whilst Coppin is supping on his lager top and hanging around in pubs with his racist, Nazi mates, he has apparently made no objection to their racism, their racist chants or their violence. How Coppin reconciles this situation with either himself or indeed with his wife and her extended family who also live in this country is a bit of a mystery. I understand that some neo-Nazis will not stand with him or talk to him on demonstrations unless he is buying drinks. So as you can imagine, Coppin- who travels up and down the country almost every week, is often stood at the bar buying friendship or acceptance.

Coppin: Complaining about her indoors, probbaly

Coppin: Complaining about her indoors, probbaly

Coppin has been somewhat miffed that we take issue with him hanging around with violent, racist, neo-Nazis whilst having an Asian wife. Not long ago he sent us a rather sad message saying that he could do what he wanted as it was a free country. Obviously not so free that his wife could join he and his mates on anti-immigrant marches complete with violence, you understand. His message accused us of racism…

As he is most weekends, Coppin was again out and about on the weekend with his neo-Nazi mates. He went from Margate down on the South Coast in Kent all the way to Sunderland in the North East, to go on an anti-refugee march where people called for immigrants (like his wife) to be sent home.

The march and protest was organised by the hooligan gang North East Infidels (NEI) . The gang is led by almost comic hooligan figure, thug and drug dealer Warren Faulkner. Despite his love of cultivating his own fruit and veg in his back garden, it would be fair to say that Faulkner is hardly an adorable or loveable rogue. He leads a violent and racist gang of thugs. But the story gets better…

Simon Biggs: Racist burglar stole the show..

Simon Biggs: Racist burglar stole the show..

One of the speakers at the rally was none other than former National Front (NF) bigshot Simon Biggs. Biggs is infamous in far-right and antifascist circles. He is a violent thug. He has been accused of even attacking women who share his politics, and let us not forget how in 1993 he shoved a broken glass into the face of a black man who was walking past him near London’s Brick Lane holding the hand of a white woman.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Biggs has a very long criminal record and has spent a very large part of his life in prison for a range of offences. The most common cause of Biggs’s imprisonments has been burglary. He has nearly twenty convictions for breaking into other people’s home and stealing their possessions for personal gain. He does not care if his victims are black or what, Asian, straight or Gay. He steals things because he believes it is better to do that than work for a living.

His most recent conviction (that we are aware of) is for stealing soil and plants from a branch of B&Q. So, for many people it would seem slightly strange to have any of these characters involved in a protest that was portraying foreigners, immigrants and refugees as being a problem for other law abiding people in this country! But like I said, the far-right would rather you did what they said than do why they do. Obviously, otherwise B&Q would never get anything sold..

So, bearing in mind that Mr Biggs has numerous convictions for theft and violence, Mr Faulkner has convictions for drugs and assault on police and that Mr Coppin has a Filipino wife, what do you suppose Biggs’s speech was like?

Well, here are some quotes:

“With it (immigration) comes crime… Murders, burglaries and assaults.

“We don’t need their [foreigners] economic wealth.. what good has it done for the country?”

“[Our country] is now filled up with blacks, foreigners and Asians..”

A thirty strong crowd clapped in agreement with Biggs, the convicted burglar who also shoves glasses into the face in black men. Among the people clapping was David Coppin, who travelled for five hours and 340 miles away from his non-white and foreign wife to hear it. After that kind of trip you’d probably feel obliged to clap, wouldn’t you?

Whether anything we say or even his Nazi mates have to say ever sinks in with David Coppin is a mystery. However, last night he announced he was leaving Britain with all of its foreigners and non-white people, and was moving to the Philippines with his wife.

Coppin: No Muslims in the Philippines, Dave?

Coppin: No Muslims in the Philippines, Dave?

He’s had enough it seems of all the non-white immigrants and especially the Muslims who he feels, have ruined this country. Coppin’s racial colleagues, no doubt smirking, have already begun to wish him well. None it appears, have asked or begged him to stay.

It’s fair to say that Coppin’s six years standing in pubs and carparks first with the English Defence League (before they threw him out) and just lately with groups like National Action and the National Front with a tatty England flag draped over his shoulders have almost completely decimated the scourge of Islamic terror in the United Kingdom anyway. And so now, the smart man that he is, David Coppin is taking himself off to live in the Philippines to get away from the non-whites, foreigners, Sheldons on Margate High Street and all of the other things that have blighted his life.

Coppin with violent Nazi friend Shane Calvert

Coppin with violent Nazi friend Shane Calvert

I will just offer Coppin this one piece of travel advice from the Foreign Office (it’s for foreigners, innit?) about travel to the Philippines.

The Filipino word for surrender is Rendición, Mr Coppin. And if you thought life in the United Kingdom was rough, I’d suggest you keep that England flag with you at all time. it can be a bit rougher.

Leaving: he knows the way already

Leaving: he knows the way already


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