Hitler lovers are heading to Hull this Sunday

Duncan Cahill - 15 02 17
Wallies on the way

It’s a city of poets, a ‘city of sharks’ cast at the very corner of nowhere. Or so say those who probably do not go there.

Hull, formerly of Yorkshire and then of Humberside and now back in Yorkshire, is a place to go if you don’t want to be found, apparently. However, once you get there, it’s also said you may never want to leave. If I recall, it has a whale museum. You can hear whale noises inside. And, so says a friend of mine from Grimsby, it has probably the second-best fish and chip shop in the country. Obviously, the best is in Grimsby. Fight that out amongst yourselves!

Hull is now officially the UK City of Culture. Well done.

This weekend however, something nasty is heading their way. Something that like a disease just will not die. Something that contaminates and destroys everything it touches- something that should’ve been buried for good but creeps like a zombie from the grave. This weekend (Sunday to be exact) the National Front (NF) will crawl into Hull to try and resurrect itself after a punishing 2016 of violence, drug busts, domestic abuse and electoral failure and splits has left it lifeless. It’s a secret meeting, so don’t tell anyone…

Yes, they are probably holding it in secret to avoid any more violence from their own members and supporters like most of last year. And my, how they fought and fought and fought and just how shameless they were. Even going as far as to fight with each other in a kebab shop no less.

Deputy leader Tony Martin. he dumped her…

Now in its fiftieth fascist year, the NF will be in Hull to try and rebuild a party. Those who still cling to it are the most desperate and depraved of even the fascists. The NF has become little more than a drug dealing, violent, criminal conspiracy.

Bryan & MacDonald together

At their usual venue they use, it appears serial wally Kev Bryan will launch a bid to take back the leadership of the ‘party’ from the lacklustre Dave MacDonald. Since MacDonald took over as leader of the NF late in 2015/early in 2016, he has mastered a sensational decline. For a more in depth look at the NF’s criminal dependency and decline, the State of Hate report is well worth a perusal. Not even one NF member made it into our ‘Dirty Dozen’ based on influence. However, if it was based on flatulence or effluence, maybe they would.

The party is expected to suggest a stronger tie-in with what remains of the banned group National Action. Maybe they will form a ‘Shitler Youth’ section?


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