Bizarre accusations!

Duncan Cahill - 17 02 17
Has Sen been on the bottle, again?

Given the sort of people we write about, we receive a lot of strange emails and even stranger messages get left on our blog. We try and moderate them all and respond, wherever possible, to the salient ones (or at least ones not trying to flog us timeshares in far-flung places.)

Over the last week, a woman who calls herself ‘Katie Levitt’ has been emailing us with what she believes is the true identity of far-right writer ‘Dave Yorkshire,’ who edits a rather bizarre far-right magazine and who we believe to actually be Paul Jones. Of course, we’re not going to publish that until we have checked it out properly. Our colleague Albert has that dubious duty.

Anyway, Ms Levitt has been rather forthright in her instance that we pay attention to her and of course, as it was not trying to sell us a timeshare, we gave all due consideration to her email. After all, she may be right, it could be this mysterious Dr Foster she claims.

Ms Levitt however, was a bit of a strange one. We checked her social media for instance and it was quite clear that she does keep the sort of company that may have some kind of access to what we presume, is the state secret as to who ‘Dave Yorkshire’ really is.

Dave Yorkshire’s boring magazine

There’s a wealth of far-right identities on her Facebook friends list including Eddy Butler, Paul Weston, Steve Uncles, Guramit Singh (former EDL leader) and Jack Sen of the Jack Sen Five.

There’s also some UKIP types (like Godfrey Bloom) and also well known Muslim figures. And a Russian. Ms Levitt seems to have also randomly attached herself to a number of people who accept large quantities of “friends” onto their Facebook pages. And Bamber Gascoigne, too.

But she appears to be getting frustrated with us. Ms Levitt has been very insistent that we publish the “findings” of the special investigation she and her “partner” have carried out. She even threatens that she has taken her “research” elsewhere, and to be honest, she may as well have taken her “research” to the post office as we always check who is telling us what, first. As all the lucky recipients know, we often pay for a little bit of good information.

Ms Levitt claims she uncovered an apparent Odinite Church in Newark and that ‘Dave Yorkshire’ could be attending that Church and also be a University Lecturer. But she is not sure. The problem is, Jack Sen and the others.

When we queried why Ms Levitt has figures such as former British National Party (BNP) elections surpemo Eddy Butler and comic book Jew-hater Jack Sen as her Facebook “friends”, Ms Levitt has accused us of Antisemitism. Yep, and then persisted, rather in the same vain Jack Sen does when we refuse to print his allegations of child abuse against people on the far-right who do not like him. Jews tend not to obsess about Jews that way Jack Sen obsesses about Jews.

Smells like Jack Sen Five

I’m afraid, and we may be wrong, that Ms Levitt could actually be Jack Sen, again, trying to pass us information on his far-right enemies. There’s nothing wrong with that; if you’re good at it, you’ll be well rewarded, but Sen, unfortunately, believes his own lies. That makes him a danger to himself as much as it does us.

Like I said, we may be wrong- as of yet Ms Levitt has not progressed to the point of demanding payment- yet. And we all know Jack Sen (who is telling people at the moment that he is currently helping build a Nazi movement in Ireland) is always short of a few bob for his Whiskey supplies and cheap table cloths.

It’s a strange case. But not unusual. And last year Albert did actually buy a timeshare.


After we published this blog, a little bit of panic set in..


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