Where has the fascists’ money gone?

Matthew Collins - 22 02 17
Lisa Johnson (aka Calvert) Playing in the sun and having fun, fun, fun?

Lisa Johnson (aka Calvert) Playing in the sun and having fun, fun, fun?

Since the mass incarceration of a large number of fascists last year (and ongoing this year) for their mindless thuggery and violence, I have often mentioned and predicted there would be trouble at mill with regards to funding their cakes, soaps and jams on the wings of her Majesty’s Prisons.

Fascists are, in the main, terrible thieves. They’d rob their own mothers for a few quid. They are also, in the main, terribly lazy booze hounds driven by racism, cheap booze and (the British anomaly) drugs.

And this phenomena is not just recent; British fascists have been ripping each other off, stealing funds, wives, houses and offices from each other since the beginning of fascist time began on a stolen watch.

It would be wrong to name specific individuals given how widespread and almost ideological this practice is, but one only needs to look at the British National Party (BNP) for more about this practice. From its inception until now, it has been accused of ripping off members, supporters and even founders.

Kinsella asks the question

Kinsella asks the question

Last year we took legal advice as to whether we could publish an accusation about a watch being removed from a dead body. The legal advice came back that we could, but somewhere in a dark cupboard in our offices someone said it was just such incredibly poor taste that it would be best to let it lie.

The English Defence League (EDL) are particularly proficient at theft. They don’t just rob one another other, they’ve taken it out of the regular arena and have actually robbed charities. There must be a dozen recorded cases of the EDL robbing monies they promised to give to charity. Interestingly, it always appears to be under the auspices of raising money for armed forces charities.

Britain First at least had the decency to make it more of a ruse than a robbery, as such.

When I was in the National Front (back in the days when at least they had a leader who could speak English properly), if you were not fiddling the collection it was assumed you were probably more interested in fiddling kids. And to be honest, plenty of them were up to both. But I digress..

Paul Pitt; Habitual liar who's really called Paul Prodromou

Paul Pitt; Habitual liar who’s really called Paul Prodromou

In the far-right, money traditionally buys power and influence. But rather than like in other political movements, using money to buy influence, in the far-right it often buys entire parties. One of the flaws with fascists is they worship money and in turn worship those that have it. I recall that Richard Edmonds, made redundant back in the 1980’s because of his vile views on Jews whilst leading the BNP out on the streets in London, played the second financial fiddle to his leader who sat on his Aryan behind in a posh flat provided for him by his father in law down in Hove, Sussex. Edmonds, in need of a job and almost totally unemployable doing anything other than mad nazi rubbish, had to cough up most of his redundancy to open a head office for the party in Kent and attempt to live off the money he could make selling books on the Waffen SS to schoolkids passing through. It never crossed his mind to ask Tyndall to squirrel his way some of that money that kept posh back-scrubbers in his bathroom.

At around the same time, the leader of the National Front (for whom I worked) kept every and anyone even close to the party in as much abject poverty as possible. It was the only way he could hold on to the leader’s position; he literally went out of his was to impoverish “colleagues” and when, one day, some old nazi popped her clogs and left the NF and British Movement (BM) £30,000 each, he went out of his way to make sure neither the NF or the British Movement got any of the cash. (It was rather good fortune that the old BM leader still had a British Movement bank account.)

Kinsella: The angry type...

Kinsella: The angry type…

Our current far-right is probably more devoid of leadership, class and cash than at any time I can remember. Those who do hold the cash control just about everything and everyone. The top two in our State of Hate report’s Dirty Dozen are a prime example of this. Perennial errand boy Mark Collett seems particularly indebted to the pair of them at the moment. He may have the desired talent, but it is they who hold the filthy lucre he wants and needs, and so he is being forced to jump through hoops for a sniff at it.

And so yesterday, as I predicted would last month, a war broke out over who has taken all the monies set aside for imprisoned activists. It’s claimed over £2000 was collected for those convicted for rioting in Dover in January 2016. We are looking at now, close to sixty hardened fascists who are doing or have done time for their violence. Sentences ranged from six months to seven years for their violence on the day. And the raising of monies and who gets what has been very touchy and thorny issue.

Dear Fash, was Calvert's partner your intended beneficary

Dear Fash, was Calvert’s partner your intended beneficary

One of those targets for abuse over monies (and the lack of “bird” for their part in violence) was none other than rent-a-swear word, Paul Prodromou who walked out of Liverpool Magistrates court a free man (again) yesterday.

As there always is, there is a north-south angle in all of these squabbles and Prodromou’s team, led by Suzanne Kinsella from Berkshire has launched an attack on people close to the North West Infidels (NWI) drug gang over missing funds. Also included in the squabble is Prodromou’s former friend Joe Turner, who had previously accused people of pilfering funds meant for fascist prisoners. Confused yet? No?

Any ideas yet, ladies?

Any ideas yet, ladies?

Well, it goes a long way to explaining the infamous Paul Prodromou sweary video from last year. One of those accused of benefiting at the expense of others is the partner of drug thug Shane Calvert, Lisa Johnson. Calvert received a thirty month sentence in September of last year.

Since then, Johnson is accused of receiving two trips to Spain with the prisoner funds (which is administered by the NWI who Calvert leads) and also, of installing a jacuzzi in her council house. She also allegedly claimed expenses for Christmas as she was sanctioned by the dole office. Although we cannot substantiate those allegations, for comparison, Mick Wakefeld who received 18 months last December has received only ten pounds from the kitty. Wakefield is from Essex.

Wakefield: Left with no nazi soap?

Wakefield: Left with no nazi soap?

The Prisoners’ fund was initially set up by Prodromou last year before being transferred to the North West Infidels and Shane Calvert. It was the start of a feud that engulfed the far-right’s street movement. It is also claimed (which of course we cannot substantiate) that people have been paying between £10-£20 into the account but hearing nothing about where the money has been going. There are however, plenty who claim they have been paying in, and there are plenty of prisoners who claim they are receiving nothing in return.

Yesterday people in the NWI claimed that the account has now been closed, but others not from the North West or the NWI are claiming they are still being debited for monies. Needless to say, the two warring fascist gangs in Sunderland have also got in on the act and are accusing each other of also being party to ongoing theft.

Anne- Marie 'Boo' Barnsley, the NWI's banker

Anne- Marie ‘Boo’ Barnsley, the NWI’s banker

As well as creating false Gods, the other thing money does to fascists is create violent enemies. It was the drug money as well as the drugs that led to the demise of the EDL. And judging by the amount of documents, screengrabs and gossip the fash are poassing our way, the NWI has gone pretty much the same way.

One of hundreds of questions and answers

One of hundreds of questions and answers


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