Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 24 02 17
Joe Turner: he beats up women

Joe Turner: he beats up women

A shocking week for Hitler fanatics this week, with allegations they were thieving funds from each other. A little more information passed to us which we cannot substantiate, is of course that that the fund set up for far-right prisoners last year was actually the bank account of the partner of imprisoned North West Infidel leader (NWI), Shane Calvert. Whatever happened with the rest of the cash remains somewhat of a mystery, but at least she managed to give Mick Wakefield a tenner out of the funds.

Two more fascists found their way into prison this week, one doubts there will be any money left for them, however. Calvert’s partner, Lisa Johnson, claims the account has been shut. Others tend to not believe her.

Watmough: My, what small hands you have..

Watmough: My, what small hands you have..

The two who were sentenced this week were of some considerable self-importance. Martin Corner had moved to Bolton from Chorley to run the NWI’s operations and to also open somewhat of a front against Craig Barnes a former British National Party (BNP) member who also had designs on leading the gang. In the weeks leading up to his imprisonment, Corner had been almost manic in working behind the scenes to ensure that Barnes would not lead the group. Most of the power and the money in the group has apparently been shifted to a small group of supporters in Wigan, though of course, they deny any knowledge of anything at all.

The de-facto leader of the NWI is now Kevin Watmough who was removed from post in the National Front last year. It doesn’t matter which or what group Watmough is associated with, it degenerates into a mirror of Watmough’s personal bank account and fiefdom. Having already targeted a primary school, Watmough, who made his name running ‘Redwatch’ and downloading interacial pornography, is now running a host of NWI Facebook pages targeting Trade Union members and antifascists at their homes and places of work. You would really think Watmough would have learned his lesson by now. It was only just over a month ago that Watmough was complaining to one newspaper who tracked him down that they had woken his child up. Is it any wonder his missus refuses to live with him?

Tommy Law enjoying the riot

Tommy Law enjoying the riot

The other fascist imprisoned this week, Tommy Law, will also not be missed. Having proclaimed he was both leader of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and Combat 18 in the Midlands, us and our friends in Northern Ireland concluded he was just a dangerous fantasist. But dangerous he was. Law even managed a change of clothes whilst rioting in Dover last year. He looked remarkably less menacing once he slipped on his glasses for his police mug shot. Apparently he is not missed back home in Carrickfergus.

Law: Not enjoying that riot anymore

Law: Not enjoying that riot anymore

For this coming weekend there is a host of fascist activities going on, which is actually just an indication of how disorganised the far-right is. They’re like London buses, nothing for ages and then they call come at once!

In Slough, a collection of nasty far-right Poles are getting together to besmirch the memory of the liberation of their country from Nazis at the end of the second world war. Someone has told me that the host goes by the name of Bednarski, but we’ll have to follow that up first. Certainly, what we do not want here is a disgraced priest running around our country in any language, calling Jews a “cancer”. The Polish community here also feel pretty much the same way, too.

Telford: Jew-hater to join anti-Muslim rally

Telford: Jew-hater to join anti-Muslim rally

That same priest is also due to speak at the Britain First demonstration in Telford tomorrow. The damage to their already floundering American market having this demented Jew-hater speaking at their rally will cause should be significant. Paul Golding’s radical Protestantism versus Jayda Fransen’s warped version of Catholicism is going to be problematic going forward I guess.

In Rotherham, the English Defence League (EDL) is going to shuffle about with the usual gusto. No doubt their drunken, unwashed and unshaven spokesman Ian Crossland will be apologising to the young women in the town who have been victims of rape and grooming. Otherwise his presence there could be considered somewhat of a vile, expedient joke. Won’t it, Ian?

And finally, spare some thought for Joe Turner (aka Joe Marsh). He’s been complaining that the photograph of him used in the “Dirty Dozen” was the wrong lardy fascist. Turner, who has been to prison for beating a woman up, is much more attractive than the pic we used would suggest. I guess he would prefer we thought of him looking lardy like he does in the main picture used here, instead.

Happy to oblige, old boy.


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