Far-right round up: Another Polish fascist deported

Matthew Collins - 08 03 17
Czerwonko: Not wanted in the UK any more

I am not one to often accuse the extreme far-right of being dense. If you have not worked that out by now for yourselves…

My blog yesterday about a story emanating from the book of London UDA chief Frank Portinari had a strange reaction however. Some began a witch hunt to find out who was the source of Portinari’s story- yes, despite reading my blog and then The Daily Star on Sunday article, (or the other way round) one or two bright sparks demanded an investigation into who the ‘leak’ could be! Need I explain it?

But it was quite a day for stupidity, anyway. Davey Russell, the booze addled English Defence League (EDL) beggar and boor actually complained that we use the expression “knuckle dragger” so often to describe the likes of him that it has almost lost all meaning! Just to clear that up, Davey, the Urban Dictionary describes it as “an insult used against those of extremely low intelligence.” How on earth could such a superlative be misused when describing someone who spends so much time and effort attempting to rip-off armed forces charities instead of getting a job?

Here is Russell in action in case you wanted to see what a Knuckle Dragger looks and talks like.

Crossland: Made it to Bristol unwashed and unshaven

Fresh from their drunken and pointless day out in Rotherham the other week, the EDL has now announced it will bring ‘struggle against Islamification’ to Derby sometime soon. Yep, quiet news day that was. The ‘struggle against Islamification’ obviously replaces the recent struggle against rape gangs, given that it turns out the EDL’s leadership finds raping women and children quite amusing themselves. Once more this war against tourism being conducted by the EDL is a short journey away from Ian Crossland’s home in Sheffield. Something you’re not telling us, Ian?

Crossland and a few others were down in Bristol on the weekend to hold a protest in memory of Kevin Crehan, the former EDL member who died in prison in December. There are certainly troubling questions to be asked about how Mr Crehan died. We do not take any pleasure in his passing at all. He was serving a sentence for a crime he was found guilty of- namely a rather childish attack on a Mosque in Bristol. As far as we’re concerned, that should be job-done.

Masked, drunken thugs demanding respect in Bristol

Prison should be a place where people get to work out their issues, rehabilitate and if possible, re-educate and re-train. That’s why what is happening at Forest Bank prison in Manchester is so disturbing. It makes you wonder if some sort of gang in the North West of England are somehow involved, given how much they apparently like smuggling phones and drugs into prison. In fact, to be perfectly honest, somebody’s own Mother is currently recruiting women in ‘the movement’ to take phones into prison for her son and his friends. I kid ye not, sadly. Kent seems to be the place where this is mostly happening, but not all the nazis are in Sheppey. Perhaps it really is time for the Prison Service to revaluate once more what it does with hardened far-right thugs who appear to be going to gaol more regularly then ever before.

On Monday of this week, the Bristol Post ran a very strong piece attacking those who marched for Crehan, demanding he be “respected”. Most were masked and or drunk. All were threatening and aggressive. You can access the Bristol Post article here:

The only thing I would say in response to the article is that those who marched had not forgotten at all that Crehan had a string of previously nasty convictions. It was those things that sadly, made him such a hero to those on the march. And is also the reason why local people decided to protest against the march.

Patriae Fidelis in Ruislip on the weekend

Elsewhere, not as (seemingly) daft as their British counterparts are the Polish fascists and neo-Nazis domiciled in this country. Even though their disgraced ‘Priest’ was banned from coming to visit them (and Britain First) last month, they still managed a rather large (compared to ‘our’ shuffles, anyway) march through Ruislip on the weekend. Our friends at the Polish antifascist group Never Again were on hand to take photographs of the Polish far-right group Patriae Fidelis in action. This is the same group that hosted a meeting with a leading Polish Antisemite, Stanislaw Michalkiewicz, in Birmingham last month, too.

Lukasik: Polish stand-in man

Never Again have also kindly identified the Polish speaker who replaced the ‘Priest’ at Britain First’s wash-out in Telford as Marian Łukasik. It seems that Mr Lukasik is a former teacher who lived in Germany for a few years before turning to the far-right.

And finally, one Pole we will not be missing is the thug Dawid Czerwonko (main picture) the chef who used to live in Brentford. Czerwonko was fined for an assault on comedian Eddie Izzard last year, and was fated in the newspapers as just some kind of loveable rogue/clown.

Czerwonko was in fact a violent neo-nazi with links to National Action, National Rebirth of Poland and Joe Turner’s Pie & Mash Squad. Having taken part in a violent attack on a squat in Central London last month, Czerwonko went home to Poland to nurse a badly cut thumb. Upon trying to re-enter Britain later in the month, Czerwonko was found to be carrying a stash of nasty nazi materials and refused entry back into the UK.

Patriae Fidelis in Ruislip on the weekend


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