Jack Buckby: “Only terror attacks can save the Netherlands”

Duncan Cahill - 16 03 17

The swiftly deleted terror tweet.

Buckby has form when it comes to trading on terror for political purposes. In the wake of Jo Cox’s murder he declared that “The Labour Party has blood on its hands.” Apparently responsibility for that horrific act lay not with Thomas Mair, the far right terrorist convicted for it, but Labour Party policy.

He also suggested her murder was a “false flag” by the Remain campaign.

The one time BNP activist, founder of weird sect the National Culturists and Liberty GB candidate in Jo’s former Batley & Spen constituency subsequently deleted the contentious tweet. It’s almost as if he recognised his words were what you might polititely label as injudicious.

He then claimed that those who spotted it had got the wrong end of the stick . They were “thick enough not to understand” the simple words he’d tweeted. So he explained….



You thickies.

All clear now?

His apparent advocation of violence over democracy is not something that should be taken lightly. Buckby has plenty of form when it comes to associating with people even more undesirable than himself.

He happily posed with Nazi sympathiser Craig Cooke, a young Liverpudlian later jailed after he threatened a man with Molotov cocktails.


Cooke & Buckby

He also hung with Jack Renshaw, the former BNP activist and supporter of National Action, the now proscribed Nazi terrorist group.

Buckby poses with Jack Renshaw, ex-BNP and National Action.

His comments also come not long after his former mentor, Nick Griffin, was found (by HOPE not Hate) to be hanging out with a militia in Bulgaria.

So it’s chilling to hear him talk of “terror attacks” as being the only way to save the Netherlands from whatever it is he thinks it needs saving from.

On the plus side the proscription of National Action and ongoing investigations suggest the UK’s counter terror services are keeping a very close eye on Britain’s far right.


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