North East Nazi and drug dealer in charity link up

Matthew Collins - 23 03 17
Alloa, Alloa: Warren Faulkner

Alloa, Alloa: Warren Faulkner

Fresh from his televised harassment of an ITV reporter, North East Nazi Warren Faulkner is making plans to man a charity stall at an Armed Forces Day event.

Faulkner recently announced he was retiring from the far right scene so he could devote his energies to supporting the Shoeboxes for Our Heroes charity. Indeed his pals at the North East Infidels (NEI) threw the great leader a leaving do at Stockton’s Don Bar which it seems is a popular NEI drinking hole. The do even included a modern Nazi artworks auction.



“The last thing I want is for the charity to be blackened because of my beliefs” Faulkner loftily declared just before Christmas as he announced he was stepping down.

Leaving note

Leaving note

Fast forward to March 11 and there’s the retired leader on the streets of Alloa for what turned out to be a very damp squib of a Scottish Defence League demo. Unfortunately for Wazza, so was ITV’s security editor who was there filming the closing piece to an expose of the UK’s extreme far right. Click this link and you see him pop up at the 5 mins 56 second mark, face covered by a scarf, being somewhat lairy. He denies it’s him of course.

Making the news

Making the news

So, if he’s back with his little street gang, then he’s given up the charity work? Remember, he doesn’t want their name blackened – although it’s our understanding that they have already been informed of his past activities with the NEI (though possibly not of his cocaine bust).

No, of course he hasn’t.

Worse, he wishes not only to besmirch that charity’s name but Seaham’s Armed Forces Day. He himself has arranged for the charity to take a stall at the event. Let’s hope a man who is not averse to throwing the odd salute, is a convicted drug dealer and self-proclaimed right wing extremist, doesn’t think his presence will be welcomed by those attending.

As many have pointed out to him, our armed services are much better known for fighting facsicts than hosting them.

He does like to talk about it.

He does like to talk about it.

Meanwhile should Shoeboxes for Our Heroes or the organisers of Seaham Armed Forces Day want any further background on Mr Faulkner, they should feel free to contact HOPE Not Hate. We’ll be happy to provide a reference.

All dressed up...

All dressed up…


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