Bryn Morgan: the no “Mark” on the Kyle Files

Matthew Collins - 04 04 17
No Mark Bryn Morgan

No Mark Bryn Morgan

There were bizarre scenes on ITV’s Kyle Files last night as notorious North West fascist Bryn Morgan appeared anonymously as part of a report into hate crime.

His interview opened a programme of less than Pulitzer Prize-winning calibre. Host Jeremy Kyle introduced him as “the man behind Bolton’s anti-mosque campaign”.

He also revealed that Morgan “prefers not to reveal his real name for fear of reprisals.” He was thus unveiled as “Mark,”

This was an odd start. Morgan is extremely well known locally for his attempts to stir up hate. He was the British National Party’s organiser in the Lancashire town and clearly had aspirations to assume the national leadership role.

Not shy: BNP TV star

Not shy: BNP TV star

He also led Bolton’s English Defence League before joining forces with splinter group and criminal drugs gang, the North West Infidels. He joined them at demonstrations in Leigh, Rotherham and elsewhere.

He organised the last far right protest in Bolton. This was the one which grabbed national headlines when members of the now prosrcribed terrorist group National Action threw fascist salutes at the locals.

To complete his Far Right Faction bingo card he also attended an ill-fated Britain First meeting in Wigan. Indeed his affection for Golding’s Goldmine Inc remains strong. He joined long-time North West far right associate Mark Wood at Britain First’s embarassing little shout-a-thon last Saturday.

Not shy: Declaring 'You know who I am' in Wigan

Not shy: Declaring ‘You know who I am’ in Wigan

Seeing some right old sights in London.

Seeing some right old sights in London.

So suddenly shrouding himself in a cloak of anonymity seemed odd to say the least. Still, it did at least provide Jeremy with his own defensive shield: how could he possibly mention all these far right associations without revealing the identify of this timid six-foot, muscle-bound fascist? A man self-described as “far from radical”


Some 20 minutes into the programme, Bryn has changed his mind. Now he thinks it’s “important not to be fearful of speaking out without being called a racist.”

Right, OK then Bryn. Oh but darn it, look what you gone and said next. Yeah that bit about people “looking to object to overtly ostentatious mosques in a predominantly white working class North West town like Bolton.”

The vox pops which opened the Kyle Files, conducted among ordinary members of the public passing that tiny but notorious protest, made it clear his concerns were not shared by Boltonians.

In fact they were embarassed that their proud town was being associated with these fascist thugs.

The suspicion is that it was not reprisals or a fear of being called racist that prompted Morgan’s short-lived shyness. It could be that, having had a chequered business career, he worried about the impact on his current entrepreneurial activities. Apparently he’s running a little hot-tub hire business. Obviously he likes getting into a bit of hot water.

But the most likely explanation for his initial reticence is simply the knowledge that he does not represent the views of the good people of Bolton. That they shun him and his far right partners-in-peculiarly-raised-arms.

And that they will rightly mock him.

A picture of sincerity.

A picture of sincerity.


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