Far-right round up: Weekend warriors and wallies…

Matthew Collins - 04 04 17
Prodromou’s tiny England for the ‘facking’ English demonstration

The weekend has passed. And with it the hopes and dreams of a white revolution, whereby the likes of Paul Prodromou (it’s proven now, Paul, so drop the fake name) will take over the country and declare war on literacy, numeracy, the English language and Spain. Never mind.

Another piss up that went tits-up

Before last weekend’s rather full fascist fixture list, Prodromou spoke at a joint meeting of his miniscule South East Alliance (SEA) and the rapidly disappearing National Front (NF). They even recorded it for some kind of warped posterity. If you apply YouTube subtitles to the video of the meeting it reads something like “facking innit bruv me mutton cotton basterd ding done immegrunt fieves and me farmer Giles ain’t black.” So, fair play to YouTube for getting it spot on this time. And to think Richard Edmonds was once a warm-up man for John Tyndall!

There was all kinds of other love in the air in the run up to the weekend’s activities. Stephen Lennon found himself sipping Vodka with none other than Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen midweek! Talk about a clash of monstrous intellects, it’s surprising Prodromou didn’t pop down for a Babycham and a few straighteners..

Still, before anyone could get excited about Paul, Jayda and Lennon forming a formidable threesome in the war against tourism, Lennon’s old ‘Mother Hen’ Hel Gower went and stuck her oar in.

Gower: It’s funny because it’s true

Friday night arrived and with it Prodromou’s SEA, the NF and none other than notorious nose blower, wanna-be-hippy and note taker, Jeremy Bedford Turner. In all, thirty Belgian beer swilling yobs made a stand against immigration and in favour of Brexit in a tiny protest at Trafalgar Square. Prodromou even attempted a chant as they shuffled along the pavement. “We’re taking it back, we’re taking it back…” he began, but nobody could join as the words for it have surely not been written yet.

Steadman: yes, he’s a grown man

“Youse is the elite forward guard” he shouted at his followers once they stopped shuffling. He probably meant to say Vanguard, but never mind. Yes, the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First (BF) were marching the next day, but Paul was just happy he got there first. Plus, he got thrown out of both of the other groups…

Prodromou: Insert profanity here

You have to wonder why “Jez” Turner was at Trafalgar Square on Friday night, but not at the Yorkshire Forum the next day. If Steadman could find a clean pair of shorts to make both events, why not Jez? Answers on a postcard, please…

On Saturday in London, both the EDL and Britain First held protests. The EDL drank lots of cheap lager and had to head for the toilets, whilst Britain First brought along a uniformed escort and stuck Princess Jayda on a pallet to help make herself heard. Between the two groups, they managed little over one hundred people- that is despite the rabidly anti-Semitic Polish Priest Jacek Międlar begging Poles domiciled in London to attend and support the protest.

EDL: Pub toilets against terrorism

One must ask why the Metropolitan Police allowed Britain First to march around in uniforms and I’m sure they are asking themselves, that too.

Britain First: Not an ad for the YMCA


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