EDL “finished” in North claims former leader

Matthew Collins - 11 04 17
Dylan Cresswell: young, twisted and wack.

Dylan Cresswell: young, twisted and wack.

A row has broken out among far right factions in Liverpool after the former leader of the English Defence League in the city declared the “EDL were finished North of Birmingham five years ago.”

Kurtis Cawley made the claim on the Liverpool Echo’s Facebook page, prompting an immediate spat with fresh-faced successor, Dylan Cresswell.

(In reproducing the screenshot above, we apologise on Cawley’s behalf for his derogatory language)

Properly spitting out his his dummy Dylan launched an angry retort, the first salvo in a War Against Punctuation. A rebel without a clause he ranted unintelligibly about “giving the Left more ammo.”

It was breathless stuff. Well it was if you tried to read it out loud.

Cawley hit back with a dig which highlighted something we’ve documented many a time; the only class you’ll find among the far right are class As.

Apparently Kurtis was introduced to some bloke called Charlie no fewer than five times in three minutes at an EDL demo in Rochdale.

Whilst Cawley might be best known locally for getting the sack following some childish racist japery, he is proving wiser when it comes to the EDL’s proposed Liverpool demo.

This is being organised by the boy Cresswell for June 3rd.

The “EDL m**** will get run out of Liverpool as quick as they arrived” he predicts. He’s no doubt recalling the humilation suffered by the North West Infidels and now proscribed National Action. The city did the double to see both off.

Incidentally we’re not sure to what Cawley is referring when he says “the Left were smashed” in the city five years ago. Perhaps it was when a gang of ten Infidels led by Shane Calvert attacked a father and son on Bold Street. That cowardly pack attack saw seven of the gang jailed. Cawley was not among them but does seem to want to take some credit. Were you there Kurtis?

But back to the spat.

It occurred, amusingly enough, on a thread dedicated to the Echo’s coverage of EDL spokesman Ian Crossland’s humiliation in Birmingham on Saturday. The paper declared that Liverpool should follow in the footsteps of brilliant Brummie, Saffiyah Khan when greeting the EDL on Merseyside.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing that picture.

Meanwhile, back in Liverpool things have got worse for Cresswell. Demo wars have broken out with news that Britain First is packing its flags and heading up the M6 to get all shouty in Birmingham on….. you’re ahead of me aren’t you?

It’s particularly galling for the young chap that Golding and Fransen actually rescheduled their Midlands day-trip in order to rain on his little Liverpool parade. Very naughty.

It seems the youthful agitator has been schooled by Paul “Potty Mouth” Prodromou. Maybe he took time out during his recent visit to Liverpool Magistratres Court?

Wherever he picked it up, we must insist that there’s no need for such foul language young man. No need at all Dylan.

Naughtier still, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is continuing to stir the pot. Having been a no-show with the EDL in Birmingham on Saturday, he’s currently in the city with Britain First. So, after rightly condemning Crossland’s behaviour with the EDL, he’s trundling around in a van with Paul and Jayda. Trolling par excellence Tommy.

But crowning another dismal week for the far right, the self-proclaimed saviours of the nation just bumped into some stars of Extremely British Muslims. It all turned out a bit embarrassing.

Extremely stupid meets Extremely British.

Extremely stupid meets Extremely British.


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