Crossland plays blame game

Sarah Archibald - 13 04 17

Yep, that’s right. The events in Birmingham last Saturday and response to THAT picture is all down to lefties, liberals, the worldwide media, West Midlands Police and, er, the English Defence League members in attendance.

It must be true because the EDL’s Ian Crossland said so.

The EDL spokesman issued a rambling statement last night in which everyone else was to blame but him. For him his infamy translates, Carry On style, as “they’ve all got it in for me.”

According to his version of events he is not responsible for being photographed squaring up to a young Muslim woman. Oh no.

The first finger of blame is pointed towards his own. Crossland says that he and fellow speaker Bill Weir “tried in vain to bring the members back” from where they were confronting counter protestors. This was during the alleged minute’s silence.

So he simply toddled off to act as peacemaker. Honest guv. He really should be getting the Nobel Peace Prize rather than being a national, even global, laughing stock.

Just call him Kofi

Saffiyah Khan was, of course, the aggressor. She “came withing (sic) inches” of his face he whines. Well yes Ian, we can see that from the picture which went viral and was published by newspapers across not just the UK, but the world. What a lovely smile she has.

Smiling assassin

Which brings us to the other bastards who have totally misrepresented a brave patriot who was simply trying to defeat ISIS armed only with a small PA, some flags and noxious beer fumes.

Yes, the mainstream media. Many journalists approached him for interviews but then decided not to benefit from his wisdom, he says. Apparently this is because the truth is now out there.
That truth involves Saffiyah not in fact being a Brummie, but an antifascist activist who journeyed up from London. We hate to undermine this truth with stuff like, well, evidence. However Saffiyah not only told The Tab that she has lived in Birmingham for 15 years, but, outrageously, a friend of hers wrote for Vice of how they go to gigs and skate parks in Brum.

Naturally the BBC is leading the anti-patriot media charge. In The World According to Crossland, Saffiyah apparently finished her interview with an “antifascist fist salute and and the phrase no passaran (sic).”This was subsequently edited out he claims.

Probably on the orders of the Director General.

The truth is out there. Sort of. Not.

Sadly not even the DG could get the news desk to pixelate Saffiyah’s “free Gazza” t-shirt. Her solidarity with the great England midfielder therefore remained for all to see.

We’re proud if a little surprised to find out that we too are part of the media plot. It turns out Saffiyah is a reporter for HOPE Not hate, which we were also a little taken aback to discover is a “left wing rag.”

You’d think someone would have told us, on both counts.

Mysteriously the only publications which had apparently not joined the massive MSM conspiracy were the Daily Mail and Russian state TV. Indeed Crossland claims it was a Mail reporter that told him Saffiyah was on the HOPE Not Hate payroll.

This seems unlikely. We know that the Mail may not be regarded as a bastion of accuracy, but for what purpose would it suggest something so blatantly and demonstrably untrue? We can’t see the payback.

They certainly didn’t print that allegation. In fact were Crossland to inspect the coverage on the Mail Online website he might notice that it very much chimes with that of every other news outlet.

The Mail bowing to the MSM line.

Crikey even former EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was singing the MSM song.

Not Tommy rot.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, which includes on-the-spot videos (oh, and, Ian, RT’s footage), Crossland insists Saffiya is a “proven liar.” and that “neither [he] nor any of the e.d.l. threatened” her. This is the same man who also posted after the event that “she’s lucky she’s got any teeth left.”

To add insult to Crossland’s injured pride, when his beloved Mail reported that comment they did so using a screenshot from the HOPE Not Hate Twitter account.

Mail shot.

Incidentally, rather than post his rambling nonsense, Crossland had intended to share his thoughts via a live Facebook video. Sadly he couldn’t get it to work. That was probably Mark Zuckerberg’s fault.


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