Nick Lowles - 19 04 17

We launch as the country, and indeed the world around us, is facing unprecedented challenges.

A nasty mood has taken hold of politics. Hate crimes have risen as the UK prepares to leave the EU and a snap General Election is fast approaching. Right-wing populists are challenging for power and influence across the continent and there are terrorist challenges from both neo-nazi as well as jihadi extremes.

That is why now more than ever, we feel the message of HOPE – not hate – is needed. And it’s why we are launching our new website, and new look, today.

New look

For those of you who have been with us since our inception in 2004 (indeed, to those who knew us before then) we hope you will see and welcome the natural progression of HOPE not hate.

Our famous ‘sun’ and the HOPE not hate yellow are still present in our branding, but we’ve embraced a slightly younger look. We have a long and proud tradition of anti-fascism and anti-racism. But, like everyone, we must move with the times. We hope you approve.

To those who are joining us anew, we want to welcome you to our family and hope you will join us on this exciting part of our journey, and welcome your friends and colleagues to join us.

New content

Please take time to explore our new site, which we believe will enhance our ability to produce unparalleled research on far-right movements, build national, impactful campaigns, spread the word about our community efforts, and offer our supporters ways to get involved with and support our work.

Some of the highlights we’re incredibly excited about:


Make sure to stay up to date with our regular insights on far-right movements, opinion pieces, and news.

The far right has a big role in the upcoming French Presidential election – read our special report.


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our new video, narrated by actor John Simm, which brilliantly describes our mission (you may recognise the song too!)


In the days to come, we will unveil a targeted plan for the snap UK General Election.

And with an election just weeks away, there’s no better time to sign up to volunteer with us.

We are on a journey. Indeed, our country is on a journey. There will be many challenges ahead as new voices, as well as old, try to drag communities to the political margins and polarise debate, as well as unfairly apportion blame on the weakest in our society.

We say that must not happen. It is vital we meet that challenge head-on and work to bind communities together in the face of those who would drive them apart.

So please, join with us and tell your friends and colleagues about the renewed mandate HOPE not hate is extending – that we will fight alongside the weakest in society, for the common good of all, and strive to oppose and expose those who would foster hatred and division.



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