Far-right Rebel Media to hold “The Most Conservative Conference in Canada”

Simon Murdoch - 09 05 17

Rebel Media, a far-right Canadian media platform popular among followers of the so-called ‘alt-right’, has announced a ‘Rebel Live’ conference to be held on June 17. Rebel Media state that the conference will address topics including “Carbon taxes and environmental extremism”, “Political correctness”, and “The culture war”.

The event will be held in Toronto and will feature speakers including Rebel Media’s founder Ezra Levant and hosts on the platform’s even more extreme offshoot, Rebel Edge, Faith Goldy and Gavin McInnes.

Also due to speak are Rebel Media contributors Sheila Gunn Reid, Jack Posobiec and Jordan B. Peterson.

Fake News Journalist & “anti-PC” Professor Given Speaking Spots

Posobiec, a former Trump campaigner turned Rebel Media contributor, has developed a reputation for fabricating news and affecting events so as to create stories that fit his political agenda.

This has included bringing a sign saying “Rape Melania” to an anti-Trump protest so as to discredit the protestors. As he told The New Yorker recently:

“[My aim is] to make something happen, and then cover what happens. So, activism tactics mixed with traditional journalism tactics”

The New Yorker also reports on an analysis by the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Lab indicating Posobiec’s involvement in promoting the recent #MacronLeaks social media attack. The attack aimed to deliberately misinform the French electorate prior to the final round of their presidential election by mixing in fake documents with hacked documents from Emmanuelle Macron’s campaign team.

As the maps below from Belgian academic Nicolas Vanderbiest of UC Louvain demonstrates, Posobiec ran early with the hacked documents and was key in spreading awareness of them across Twitter.

Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto with an online lecture following, first gained attention after stating in a video that he would refuse using gender-neutral pronouns. This was in response to changes in Canadian anti-discrimination law and his own university’s introduction of mandatory anti-racism and anti-bias training for HR staff.

Prof. Peterson
Source: Wikimedia

Peterson told The Toronto Star that gender-neutral language is “dangerous” and has been pushed on others by “power-mad people who use compassion as a disguise”.

This is in line with Peterson’s attack on what he perceives more generally as excessive political correctness in contemporary society – indeed, he has a three-part online lecture on the subject.

Yet, as his colleague Prof. Ronald de Sousa highlighted in The Toronto Star report, “The [non-binary gender] people who (Peterson) has somehow burdened with his preoccupation with political correctness and free speech are actual victims”.


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