Far-right roundup

Matthew Collins - 10 05 17

There’s been some not inconsiderable upset following last Saturday’s disastrous anti-immigration march by the far-right in Croydon.

First of all, apologies from my youthful colleague Sarah Archibald. She got the dead John Tyndall mixed up with the other very dead Enoch Powell; yes, it was Enoch Powell’s voice that the fascists were playing to themselves, not the founder of the British National Party (BNP).

Having cleared up that little misunderstanding, there is still another, larger misunderstanding to clear up. What happened to the National Front’s legendary Holocaust denier, septuagenarian and racist thug, Richard Edmonds on the day?

Edmonds was billed to deliver a startling rant about Jews and immigration but according to the organisers on the day, he just did not materialise at the meeting point. How strange, you may think? Surely somebody rang Mr Edmonds to check he was alive and well and not held up somewhere. You would think, wouldn’t you?

“let’s go to the facking pub, instead…”



Well, it turns out that our fascist brethren were in such dire need of a libation that they forgot to inform Edmonds they were going to the pub. And so Edmonds was left stranded, on his own, at the train station with his speech tucked into his pocket and a collection of cheese and pickle sandwiches in his carrier bag. Edmonds waited and waited like a white man’s Paddington Bear for his comrades to turn up and accompany him to the demonstration, but none appeared.

What must have really rankled with Edmonds (because we know it did) was that  a man like himself, 74 years of age and with a long and distinguished history and pedigree of racial hatred and nazism under his belt, was abandoned so his racial comrades could go quaffing ales with the likes of David Coppin, who had at least the good sense, to leave his Filipino wife at home for the day.

Edmonds has of course been very gracious about the whole thing. Except to anyone who has heard him ranting ever since about the “race-mixers, alcoholics and bums, ‘yes bums’,” he felt let him down on the day.

Elsewhere, the shameless Britain First seem to be doing their best to disrupt a court case against an alleged rapist living in Kent who is accused along with others, of raping a teenager above a kebab shop in Ramsgate. Putting leaflets through doors and turning up on his doorstep accusing him of rape when he has not yet been convicted is, I would guess, prejudicial.

Britain First showing no respect for the courts, as usual





Such is the prejudicial danger of people armed with video cameras and social media these days, that Northumbria Police took the unusual step of issuing a statement about another case the far-right has chosen to pick up on recently. The only certainty in life is that none of these people will be outside the house or the court case of a senior English Defence League (EDL) member who is up on child abuse charges soon. Funny that, is it not?

Edge (left) has left his tools in the shed, again


It’s been at least a week since we last we mentioned the dysfunctional one-man worry that is Andrew Edge. Yes, this one man campaign against immigration, the English language and work, has been hard at it of late in his support of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). However, Edge was horrified last week to discover that UKIP’s candidate for the Mayor of Manchester was a Muslim. He was so horrified, he voted for the Tory candidate instead. I’m not saying Edge is thick or anything of the sort, but now the election has passed, it is safe to let him know that the UKIP candidate was actually Jewish! It’s not a mistake that any old village idiot could make, is it?

Edge: The UKIP candidate was actually Jewish


Not to let a business opportunity go unmissed, Edge, who claims to be a builder, gardener, brain surgeon (to anyone but the dole office) has jumped on the Brexit fizzy drink bandwagon. Yes, two “cheeky” Polish chaps have brought out a drink to celebrate Britain’s exit from the European Union. And guess which wally is getting in on the act?


Just don’t tell the dole office






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