EDL supporter in “GAS against the Muslims” jibe

Sarah Archibald - 30 05 17

Yesterday I wrote of two demonstrations planned for Manchester, organised by far right groups, but not bearing the names by which they are better known to cause revulsion.

Before those terrible grief-stealing events occur – assuming they do –  the English Defence League (EDL) has a national protest planned for Liverpool this Saturday.

It’s being organised By Dylan Creswell, an angry young man who called for an arson attack on a mosque.

Last week a man posting under the name John Morley and claiming to be from Derbyshire, shared the post below on Cresswell’s Facebook page.

English Defence League
Morley posts to EDL organiser, Dylan Cresswell.

In it he abbreviates the EDL/Pegida front name of Gays Against Sharia, to GAS. Referencing Katie Hopkins notorious “final solution” tweet, he calls for “GAS against the Muslims.”

He probably thinks he’s being clever. He probably thinks he hasn’t crossed the hate crime line. We shall see.

Should Derbyshire Police show an interest in him, then his wide open Facebook page makes for an interesting read.

He celebrates the legality of heavy duty crossbows. We all should have one, for some reason.

EDL crossbow arm to teeth

In a series of rants he also mentions some previous troubles he appears to have had with the law. Apparently he’s been deemed a threat to women and accused of threatening to blow up a government building. This is an excerpt from a petition he lodged:

EDL John MorleyAs well as posting his “GAS” comments to Cresswell, Morley, who claims to be a video producer, says he will be filming the Liverpool EDL protest.

His presence might interest Merseyside Police.

But it also points to the kind of societal detritus the rump of the much diminished EDL now attracts.

Of course that’s hardly surprising given this little gang is lead by Alan Spence, a man jailed for an attack on an Irish centre in his native Newcastle.

Spence accompanied Cresswell at the EDL’s recent and dismally attended Rotherham protest. It attracted less than 100 supporters.

Creswell curiously forgot this when seeking to denigrate the hundreds of Mancunian Muslims who marched to the Manchester Arena last week to express their outrage at the attack and solidarity with its victims and their city.

That attendance, and the subsequent visit to Manchester by imams from across the UK (not forgetting countless denunciations by Muslim groups) were not enough for him.

But then nothing will be, will it?

He made that attack in another droning  video – filmed again from his bedroom at his nan’s – which has rightly been widely mocked on social media

Cresswell is himself not a charmer. He admits he would beat up a woman he mistakenly believes to be behind an anti-fascist Twitter account.

He also wishes her a “terrible disease and slow painful death.”
Emnglish Defence League


We shouldn’t forget too that national spokesman Ian Crossland finds rape and child abuse amusing.

These are the kind of people going to Liverpool and seeking to exploit the Manchester terror attack to promote far right hatred and division.

They are sick.







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