Faulkner says Upstarts mainman “needs stabbing”

Sarah Archibald - 06 06 17

North East Nazi motor-mouth Warren Faulkner has declared that the Angelic Upstarts singer Mensi “needs stabbing”.

Faulkner, one of the dwindling band of North East Infidels (NEI), made the call in response to his associate Peter Scotter, a man currently awaiting sentence for racially aggravated assault.

Brave boy Scotter, who ripped a niqab from a Muslim’s woman’s face, posted on Facebook that the Upstarts’ England should become an NEI anthem.

Faulkner, a convicted drug dealer, took exception. Mildly brighter than Scotter, he understood that the Upstarts and Mensi in particular are notoriously anti-fascist.

His first response was to suggest that Mensi “needs a kicking” before upping the ante to introduce use of a bladed weapon.

NEI Mensi Angelic Upstarts

It’s far from the first time Faulkner has issued violent threats. He takes criticism badly, as we know after we revealed how he harassed an ITV presenter at an Alloa white pride demo and his involvement with an armed forces charity. He got in touch to let us know.

Also joining in this online conversation was Thomas Allan, another North East ne’er do well.

Allan is fresh out of prison having been sentenced to 22 months this time last year for violent disorder in Dover..

Bit of advice Tommy – and it’s free. When you’re out on licence its probably best not to declare you’d like to “kick the shit out ov [Mensi] and vandalise his pub.”

In fact even if you’re not out on licence, issuing threats towards Mensi doesn’t look too clever full stop. He’s a big lad.

NEI fascists
Tommy Allan

Gurning goon Colin Dodds decided though that kicking and stabbing simply weren’t enough. Oh no, Mensi needed “hanging the bastard.” It’ll be nuclear obliteration before the night’s out.

Angelic Upstarts EDL antifa

Dodds is another well known for making threats from distance. He was once arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer and harassment of Liverpool mayor, Joe Anderson.

North East Infidels
Colin Dodds, pal of Faulkner who wants Mensi stabbing.

Merseyside Police decided to take no further action. Whether Northumbria Police draw the same conclusion with regards to these latest threats remains to be seen.

Maybe they can have a word when these idiots get their “feet on the streets” in Sunderland this Saturday? Or before perhaps. Before might be better no?

Meanwhile Mensi has been made aware of the fate wished upon him by the NEI trio. His boots were noticeably quake free.

Faulkner in his favoured casual wear.






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