UKIP jingoist bingo

David Lawrence - 07 06 17
We’ve spent many weeks sharing with you the questionable and downright bigoted remarks made by many UKIP candidates who are standing in tomorrow’s election.
With the polls closing tomorrow night at 10pm, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to play along at home.
Feel free to print out your bingo card, settle in to watch the election returns, and as these jingoistic UKIP candidates (hopefully) lose their races throughout the night, fill it in!


  1. I sleep with somebody who is black, who is, you know, of Jamaican origin! So I am 100 percent not racist – Catherine Blaiklock, Great Yarmouth
  2. [The] Gaystapo are now on a roll. Their gay-rights storm troopers take no prisoners as they annex our wider culture – Alan Craig, Witney
  3. Hitler “achieved a great deal” – Bill Etheridge, Dudley North
  4. [Islam] is a death cult, born and steeped in 14,000 years of violence and bloodshed – Gerard Batten, Maidenhead
  5. A bacon sandwich – a piece of English heritage the fucking Muslims don’t want – Alan Harris, Oxford West and Abingdon
  6. LGBT marching against Islamophobia?!? It’s like Jews marching for Hitler – Ian Kealey, Bristol South
  7. I cannot conceive that the responsibility for any wandering gypsies should be with the indigenous, taxpaying, hardworking population of any country – Paul Nuttall, Boston and Skegness
  8. We are importing Muslims into Europe in Biblical proportions… in some European countries they will either be the majority or close to it by the end of the 21st century – Paul Nuttall, Boston and Skegness
  9. The word homophobia has no meaning. I have never met anyone with an irrational fear of homosexuals – Roger Helmer, South Leicestershire
  10. When will the state learn to listen to people affected by the growing cancer Islam? – Caroline Santos, Rutherglen and Hamilton West
  11. Humza Yousaf, or as I call him, Abu Hamza, didn’t seem to turn up – David Coburn, Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath
  12. A woman is a special sort of a man. They are. They are a man that can produce children – David Coburn, Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath
  13. [Women] don’t have the ambition to go right to the top because something gets in the way. It’s called a baby – Stuart Agnew, Feltham and Heston
  14. If two men can be married, why not three men? Or two men and a woman?… If two men have a right to marry, how can we deny the same right to two siblings? Are we to authorise incest? – Roger Helmer, Maidenhead
  15. The unalterable doctrine mandates all Muslims to use whatever means necessary to achieve world domination – David Allen, Rochester and Strood
  16. Why can’t I say in my own bloody country black is still a colour and gay are still queers – Alan Harris, Oxford West and Abingdon
  17. Islam is not compatible with civil liberal Western society. Islam is not compatible with freedom. – James Dalton, Barnsley East
  18. Women’s rights or Islam? Choose. You can’t have both. – James Dalton, Barnsley East
  19. Is it a lie to find it impossible to get a doctors appointment here in Wood Green in reasonable time because the area is swamped with Eastern European immigrants and illegals from a host of other countries? – Andrew Price, Finchley and Golders Green
  20. I’m sick of people knocking on my door begging. There’s just been a woman asking for donations for a sperm bank. I gave her a right mouthful – Tony Pycroft, Selby
  21. Mohammedianism is a barbaric, regressive ideology that was primitive and backward when it was first concocted in 6th century Arabia – Gerard Batten, Maidenhead
  22. The gay Wehrmacht is on its long march through the institutions and has already occupied the Sudetenland social uplands – Alan Craig, Witney
  23. Commiserate but don’t let them deny epidemic of rape and riot in #Sweden. Open doors with little integration – bad – Ian Kealey, Bristol South
  24. It is bizarre golliwogs are considered as having racist connotations. I thought of them as cartoon characters – Bill Etheridge, Dudley North


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