Whatever happened to…Part IV

Matthew Collins - 14 06 17

People often ask after the welfare of failed Manchester University student and Jew hater, Jack Renshaw.

Jack “The Jew-hater” Renshaw

Yes, “our Jack” as nobody calls him, made quite a name for himself what with his gay dog, sensible jumpers and calling for Jews to be hunted down and be eradicated.

It’s an unimportant and never queried toss-up between what came first; Renshaw getting booted by the University, Renshaw quitting the University or Renshaw failing at University. It is not the point, comrades!

It may even be some kind of anniversary of one of his many faux-pas. This being Ramadan, who can forget when Renshaw could not get a taxi to University because of Ramadan back in 2014 for instance?

Well, since we last heard from Renshaw, he has gone to ground. He lost his job in a hardware shop in Lytham St Annes (near Blackpool) after an incident with a four by two. Then, for some reason, his mail was being directed to some kind of new age church in Manchester, where he was supposedly hiding out- still dressed like an extra from Thunderbirds, by the way.

Yes, Thunderbirds etc, etc

He then told all his neo-Nazi mates in National inAction that he was joining the army (as an officer no less), but he did not tell them exactly why that fell through shortly before the cough-and-drop.

Then Renshaw bragged he was managing (no less) a pub belonging to a major pub chain (no, not that chain), working in Blackpool and was positively bedding “non-stop nymphos”, as well as pulling in a grand per week whilst at the same time, still playing golf with the ladies down the club.

Yes, it’s been non-stop excitement for the Hitler Dwarf clone. Especially the night he was collecting empty glasses (that was actually his high powered role) down the pub and got mouthy with two “Commie scum” who then decided to put him on his backside. Luckily for Jack, two lesbians actually protected him. Yes, the irony, seems as he has also suggested killing gays as well as Jews.

Well, we’re pleased to report that Jack Renshaw has found a new job, this time in Skelmersdale, also near Blackpool. Jack is bragging that he is the warehouse manager for a food company. That’s also a lie, by the way. He packs boxes for them. he also brags he stole a whole pallet of gravy granules.  He is the Oxo-moron, no less.

Well, Jack still gets on Facebook from time to time letting everyone know he still plans to shoot Jews.

Here is his most recent status update.



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