Andrew Edge declares “we are at war”

Sarah Archibald - 02 08 17

Far right crackpot Andrew Edge has declared that we – whoever we may be – are “at war.”

The one-time leader of the English Defence League’s (EDL) Stockport Division posted the declaration via a meme to his own secret Facebook group, Stockports (sic) Patriots.

It features a man holding a huge knife, hidden behind his back. “Whatever it takes” it urges “British Infidels.”

Beyond the Edge of reason.

Edge is the latest fascist loon to use Facebook to post threats of violence. We recently reported on two other cases. In one, an arrest has been made whilst we are aware police are investigating the second.

Who knows if Edge will make it a hat-trick?

He is, as they say, known to the police. He famously asked to be jailed when up before the beak for his role in EDL violence in Birmingham in 2013.

Since being released he has constantly sought the limelight. He’s had his picture taken with both Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall, stalked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – when he lost his falsies.

He’s also proven that he’ll hang out with any old racist gang. Having joined fake journalist Stephen Lennon in Manchester, he was recently welcomed into the Britain First fold by Screecher in Chief, Jayda Fransen.

He subsequently joined the Golding Gang on its trundle into a gloriously discreet Greater Manchester Police sponsored pen in Rochdale a couple of weeks back.

English Defence League
Edge joins Britain First for a pointless trundle around the outskirts of Rochdale.

Having very much made a point of sticking his head above the parapet for the police and other authorities to see, he’s now planning a trip to Northern Ireland.

He plans to fly out this weekend to again join Britain First as it demonstrates “in memory of victims of terrorism” outside Belfast City Hall on Sunday. It’s entirely possible that not all victims of terrorism will be remembered as the gang naturally falls strongly on one side of the sectarian divide.

Among speakers will be former Traditional Unionist Voice councillor, Jolene Bunting. She now stands as an independent having resigned from the TUV following the controversy generated through anti-Catholic comments she previously made on Facebook.

Edge must be wetting himself at the all-star line-up organised for this particular little hate-fest. Alongside Bunting, Golding and Fransen will be convicted EDL racist John ‘Banksy’ Banks and Paul Rimmer.

The latter managed to get himself kicked out of the English Democrats after claiming Liverpool FC had been “cursed by God” after the club, in his eyes, promoted homosexuality.

Assuming Edge makes it through Manchester Airport’s security, he can no doubt expect to be closely monitored by the police and security services.

That is if Greater Manchester police don’t first have a word about his declaration of war and the implications of his injudicious Facebook post.

Finally, it’s interesting to see Angela Holbrook liking that post. The former BNP member was most keen to claim she wasn’t involved with the far right when campaigning against a proposed Islamic centre in Timperley.

This was nonsense. Just a few weeks later Holbrooks was spotted out in Bolton when the North West Infidels and the now proscribed National Action (but still operating as Matthew Collins reported yesterday) came to town.

Now, eight months later, she’s associating with one of the North West’s most notorious fascists.

Far right protest Bolton
Timperley’s Angela Holbrooks at the 2016 Bolton demo attended by National Action.



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