National Front boss complains we’re making them look silly

Matthew Collins - 12 08 17
Lloyd: His dress sense embarrassed the NF

The leader of the National Front (NF) in Wales, has complained that HOPE not hate is making Britain’s fascists and Nazis look “silly”.

Adam Lloyd, from Bridgend, was until last year the Deputy Chairman of the whole party, but was removed from post to stop the party suffering any more embarrassments.

Lloyd remains firmly in control of the NF in Wales though. That part of the party, like the rest of the gang, appears to made up of crack heads, drug dealers, wife beaters and all of the other great DNA they believe make white people so superior.

Lloyd’s fury is understandable. The NF is quite often humiliated on our pages and this last week was no exception.  Most normal political parties would of course, just expel those members, but the NF is wholly reliant on pond scum to survive.

Lloyd was written to and phoned a number of his racial comrades with stark warnings about things we may find out about their activities if they also spend too much time hanging around with the highly infiltrated hate gang and grasses of National Action.  Lloyd also claims that our stories are untrue, but also warns that they (the stories) are emanating from the NF’s own social media. Yes, the force is strong in this one… Brilliantly, as we wondered how we would report this without compromising people inside the NF, Lloyd then went public on his Facebook page to issue a similar warning. Well done big lad, you’re a star! Maybe this stark warning will save the Nazi matriarch Mrs Powell any more grief.

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Also unhappy with us is Lawrence Wakefield, the leader of the supremely piss-funny and daft, Right Wing Resistance (RWR). These clowns first made a name for themselves when their leader, a Swede, turned up looking like a Turnip in Liverpool looking for riot.

When we looked into the activities of the British end of the operation, it was one laugh after another, after another.

The leader of RWR was a laughable rogue who hung around with teenagers. His name was Gary Crane. He has since then been sent to prison- and rightly so. But before he was sent down, he made a great effort in destroying the group. It got so bad that it turned brother against brother until Lawrence Wakefield “rescued” the group. Crane described Wakefield as a “meth head” which is interesting, as Crane himself is no stranger to the needle. Or animal cruelty. Wakefield took exception to my colleague Duncan Cahill’s blog about Wakefield’s brother, Mick Wakefield being released from prison.Golden these people, are. Pure gold…


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