Richard Spencer bound for Europe

David Lawrence - 30 10 17

Spencer, who has advocated forced sterilisation and “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to protect European culture, is due to speak at Identitarian Ideas X –  one of Europe’s most important alt-right gatherings – in Stockholm on 4th November.

He has been invited to a 10 November meeting organised by the far-right National Social Congress in Poland, part of a series of far right events to mark Polish Independence Day, 11 November. The annual memorial is also marked by large far-right marches, last year tens of thousands of nationalists marching in Warsaw.

HOPE not hate also understands that Spencer is planning to enter Hungary, home to a number of important alt-right figures, including Daniel Friberg, with whom Spencer heads AltRight Corporation.

HOPE not hate is exploring strategies to ensure his visit does not go unchallenged.

Richard Spencer

Spencer is the best-known activist of the alt-right, a loose, international, far-right movement operating primarily online but with increasing levels of offline activity. The movement is racist at its core, with many adherants advocating for the establishment of racially pure ethno-states.

Spencer introduced the term “alt-right” in 2008 during his stint as editor of webzine Taki’s Magazine. He went on to found in 2010, a site that helped bring together various schools of thought, such as the racist pseudo-science “human biodiversity” and the virulent misogyny of the manosphere, which would provide an ideological underpinning for the movement.

After taking the reins of the white nationalist think-tank National Policy Institute (NPI) in 2011, Spencer has played a pivotal role in providing an intellectual veneer to white nationalism through NPI’s Radix journal. Under Spencer NPI also provided key networking events for racist activists around the globe through its national conferences.


In early October 2014, the NPI’s scheduled 2014 conference in Budapest, at which veteran American racist Jared Taylor was due to speak, ended in failure when Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced he would use “all legal means at his disposal” to prevent the meeting. Spencer was arrested and received a three-year ban from all 26 European nations covered by the Schengen agreements. Spencer was also barred from entering the UK in June 2016.

Since this ban, Spencer and the alt-right revelled in the influence and notoriety they have achieved by latching onto the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump. The NPI grabbed headlines around the world in November 2016 when Spencer was filmed bellowing “hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” at its conference in Washington DC, accompanied by audience members enthusiastically throwing fascist salutes.

Spencer has since headed a number of alt-right demonstrations in the USA, and was scheduled to headline the August “Unite the Right” demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, which quickly spiralled into violence and left dozens injured and one peaceful counter-protester dead.

More recently, ahead of Spencer’s 19 October talk at the University of Florida, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency, putting the Florida National Guard on standby, in order to prepare for possible violence.

Identitarian Ideas X

Spencer is currently listed as the headline speaker at Identitarian Ideas, organised by leading European alt-right figure Daniel Friberg’s “identitarian” think-tank Motpol.

The most recent Identitarian Ideas conference in February 2016, which was covered from the inside by HOPE not hate, saw the announcement of AltRight Corporation, a merger between the Spencer’s NPI, Friberg’s alt-right publisher Arktos Media and the Scandinavian media platform Red Ice Creations. AltRight Corporation is now Spencer’s primary vehicle.

The event is being billed as a “smaller VIP gathering” with only 100 tickets available, a likely attempt to hinder infiltration.

Alongside Spencer other speakers include Evan McLaren of NPI, Christopher Dulny of The Nordic Alternative Right and Friberg himself.

For more information on Richard Spencer, Daniel Friberg, the NPI and AltRight Corporation, click here.


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