Nick Griffin launches massive attack on the alt-right

Matthew Collins - 16 11 17

Earlier this year I had the (dubious) pleasure of being surrounded in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, by a host of old and new, uniformed alt- and not so alt-, nazis.

Among the number were Daniel Friberg, the dubious and alleged ‘mining tycoon’ from Sweden and our very own Nicholas John Griffin, the former leader of the British National Party (BNP) and known curry connoisseur.

Nick Griffin (left) and Daniel Friberg (centre) together in Hungary

Both men were domiciled in Hungary (Griffin has since been asked to leave) and both attendees of a meeting lauding conspiracy theories against Hungarian entrepreneur George Soros. Hungary has become somewhat of a place for a whole host of world fascists to hang up their coats.

It’s hard to tell sometimes one kind of fascist or Nazi from another. Also, given the extreme discomfort of being surrounded by beer bottles, beer monsters and Hungarian militiamen, it’s hard to tell if certain Nazis/fascists even like each other when much of their immediate displeasure resides with your goodself.

Daniel Friberg

Attack on the alt-right

Now it transpires that Griffin is not much of a fan at all (of Friberg, as well as me). Hot before it even gets to the press, I have managed to acquire from our Hungarian colleagues a pre-print copy of Griffin’s attack on the alt-rightight. Some 80,000 words of it!

‘Alt Right? Not Right!’ is in fact, the longest publication by Griffin’s own hand in his near 40 years of fascism.

That time includes thousands of articles and pamphlets (mainly about Jews) and of course, his two previous issues of ‘substance’: the quite comical Attempted Murder (about former mates of his, probably Jews, ruining the National Front) in the 1980s and the horrific Mind Benders (about Jews) in the 1990s.

Nick Griffin, ex-BNP leader and curry lover

I’d thought Griffin had totally done away with the quill, when in 2012 he launched an exposé of the English Defence League (EDL) on YouTube. I forget much of what that was about, but it was certainly about Jews.

Griffin’s hatred of the ‘counter-jihad’ movement (remember them?) has not gone away or abated. It’s no surprise to see his old enemy Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) even gets onto the front page of the report.

The rise of the EDL earlier this decade was part of the death knell that led to both Griffin’s and the BNP’s decline. And who can forget  just how desperate Griffin was?

In this report, Griffin has launched probably the most anarchic attack on the alt-right that will ever be written.


The likelihood is that those accused of killing animals, defacing pictures of Christ with bodily fluids and many of the other heinous crimes Griffin lists and “exposes” will be somewhat surprised by the lengths and depths he has gone to write about them. And that Griffin has launched an almost completely coherent attack on the alt-right will surprise many as much as it does us.

An extract from the ‘report’

His attack on the London Forum, like a lot of his attacks, simply cannot be reported here. Suffice to say, he alleges pederasty against the group. Interestingly, readers may recall how National Action, who were also linked to The London Forum were also keen on such things. Griffin also expands on the alt-right’s obsession with bestiality.

Of course, for Griffin, political life is now almost completely over. The likes of the alt-right appear almost godless to him; degenerate Nietzsche-admiring upstarts. They are economically, socially and almost entirely politically alien to him.

The results of their politics would of course, be almost entirely the same for decent people. But it is almost as if Griffin, the Holocaust denier, finds the delivery of their hatreds crude, cruel and unpleasant.

Not a fan of Stephen Lennon

That there is more than an element inside the book to suggest the Hand of God that is Jim Dowson’s ever present prophecies, gives an indication in particular as to what the market is for this take down. And he does not hold back about longstanding rumours about paedophiles even in the British far right.

There’s only one Hitler and only one God. Griffin and Dowson want them to themselves.

(For obvious reasons, we can’t repeat much of the allegations in the report.)


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