The End of Liberty

Matthew Collins - 28 11 17

Hardly an earthquake in political terms, but the often hilarious far-right party Liberty GB has decided to throw the towel in.

Its leader and loveable clown, Paul Weston, has been on YouTube to announce the end of the party that failed spectacularly to rise from ashes of either the British National Party (BNP), The English Defence League (EDL) or British Freedom Party.

Weston has been somewhat of an amusement to us. A walking and talking disaster, he would chase a quid to the ends of the Earth.

I really do recommend people click on some of the hyperlinks in this article so they can get a sense of the true and utter depths of the man.

His sidekick in Liberty GB was none other than Jack Bukby who has recently been helping run the UKIP splinter For Britain into the ground alongside its leader, Anne Marie Waters.

Jack Buckby (left)

The relationship between Buckby and Weston has been strained for some time. They both went to North America in search of cash a few years ago and it appears that Buckby got his hands on more Yankee dollars than Weston and things took a terminal slide soon after.

Buckby took it upon himself last year to announce (with his usual tact and vulgarity) that he would be standing in the seat of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox last year.

Having failed to run this past party leader Weston, the two crossed their proverbial swords and Buckby ended up trawling across the constituency with the National Front’s Julie Lake grunting and puffing behind him.

In his YouTube address to the party’s 11 supporters, Weston bemoans the unlikelihood that his kind of politics will ever win over the British public.

Indeed, he admits that in the four years he and Buckby wore shirts without a tie or top button, they made hardly any political breakthrough. It was a “soul destroying process”.

Worse, according to Weston, was that he failed to get onto Question Time. I’m fairly confident he would have been more suited to Jeremy Kyle. During one political interview Weston did make some years ago, he claimed he was going to stand for the House of Lords! So yes, it is a shame he was never on Question Time.

So now, just as that ship is sinking too, Weston advises everyone left in his party to Join For Britain. That’ll be fun…

Anne Marie Waters: hands full with a party of losers

I’m not entirely sure what sort of position For Britain will be offering Weston. There’s only so much Pimms and Prosecco one party can handle, even if Weston acknowledges they both share the same (blurred) vision.

“Anne Marie Waters will absolutely slaughter any left-leaning journalist,” Weston contends, whereas I am more inclined to think they are just likely to get slaughtered before going on any TV show.

So anyway, this is probably farewell to Weston. Buckby has spent the best part of two years deriding him so it is unlikely Weston will get much space inside ‘For Britain’ for his notoriously amusing antics.


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