Open letter from Croatian media workers

04 12 17

Please circulate as widely as possible.

Dear friends,

Croatian anti-fascist FB pages and, now, even non-profit websites are under massive attack by the Croatian arm of the Identitarian movement.

The Identitarians go by two names but are the same organisation with the same people involved.

The first is Urbana desnica (Urban Right) which is an organisation promoting “identitarian values”. The second is Generacija obnove (Generation of Renewal) which is a minor extreme right party but which has a few representatives in local municipalities, at lower levels.

Their ideological guru is Tomislav Sunić whom you will have heard of.

He is the one that Patrik Hermansson spoke to when he infiltrated the alt-right for HOPE not hate.

As you can see, they are copying alt-right images:

The Facebook page has been blocked after being falsely reported. is a non-profit news organization that promotes human rights and freedom of speech.

It’s also just one amongst many Croatian Facebook pages to have been blocked due to unfounded reports organised by local right wing organisations.

The fringe right has started organizing its supporters to report and block Facebook pages that were active in condemning war crimes perpetrated by a Croatian general Slobodan Praljak, recently found guilty for monstrous war crimes by an international tribunal and who committed suicide in full public view.

Here is a link to a Twitter page run by “The Urban Right” and bragging about their “accomplishments”:

In light of these events, we appeal to you to publicly protest the decision to block and other Facebook pages that have been the target of false reports.

Both Sunić and Frano Čirko, who is one of the leaders of Urbana desnica and Generacija obnove, come from HČSP, an older extreme-right party responsible for many fascist incidents in Croatia. They openly promote the Nazi-quisling Ustaše regime, celebrate Hitler puppet Ante Pavelic’s birthdays and attend liturgies for the salvation of Pavelic’s soul.

This is one of the events they attended together:

These are the links to celebrations of Pavelic’s birthday:

This is them propagandising against Roma:

Several years ago, they organised this event for the Hungarian fascist Jobbik in Zagreb.

This is Generacija obnove still cooperating with Jobbik:

And this is them against refugees with conspiracy theories about European “population being replaced” by migrants, just as any other identitarian movement:

At this moment, they have erected an altar in the central square of Zagreb to honour Slobodan Praljak. The verdict against him and his suicide have led to these attacks in retaliation.

For Lupiga: Ana Benačić, Ivor Fuka and Una Hajdari




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