A quick lesson about Eddie for the new football gang on the block

Duncan Cahill - 24 01 18

There was much excitement and warbling last year when the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) formed in response to the terror attacks that rocked Britain.

The quickly-formed response that was the FLA held marches numbering in the thousands. As well as an end to terrorism, some were also demanding an end to World Cup penalty shoot-outs when England were playing.

For some, the FLA being mainly white and male was very unsettling. Demanding an end to terrorism also, apparently, in the minds of many made them instantly anti-Muslim. Maybe they were filling the world’s most gaping and proverbial vacuum?

The Football Lads Alliance marching in London last year

However, unsurprisingly, there were actually lots of Muslim-hating racists among the numbers on their marches. However, their second London march, which was up to 30,000-strong, was ignored.

The transfer window

It was not long until the Football Lads experienced difficulties. The usual stuff: money in the bank, people wanting paying, how far north should they actually travel and march, etc, etc. Anyway, it split just before Christmas.

Since the transfer window opened, who should suddenly appear on the scene offering to help our unsuspecting football fall-outs?

Yes, none other than Eddie Stampton (aka Eddie Stanton), who has taken it upon himself to align with one splinter group, the brilliantly named Anti Terror Alliance (ATA).

Unsteady Eddy Stampton

Stampton is offering both legal advice to the group and also some enamel badges he claims he can make at “cost price” for a mere £1.50 each. These football types are lapping it up. Stampton is, by all accounts, the hand of God that gives.

Cheap at half the price?

Previous form

So, it is our public duty to bring to the attention of those football “fans” forming an anti-terror alliance to remind them of (to use footballing analogy) Stampton’s previous form.

Anti Terror Alliance: Against penalties at the World Cup

A few year’s ago Stampton nearly beat the woman he was living with to death. He was drunk. He went to to prison but was later allowed out on tag if he sought help for his alcohol and drug problems.

Quicker than help and a quicker way to get himself off his tag was to get the founder of the terror group Combat 18, and Stampton’s supposed mate Charlie Sargent, sent back to jail.

Back in 2014, Sargent was on release for murder. As quick as he could, Stampton got himself photographed with Sargent (against Sargent’s conditions) and published it all over Facebook.

What are friends for …

Mr Sargent was then sent back to prison. A week later, Stampton was miraculously off tag and back out in the real world.

Stampton was also believed to be the person urgently ringing militant antifascists to also set up the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) for attack at one of their secret meetings in London in 2015.

Stampton’s long-standing record of violence, grassing and theft is something to behold. He is also rather dangerous around fruit.

Security a speciality

So, good luck with your reinvented wheel, lads. Stampton’s legal advice is top notch. Every comment you make will probably be recorded by him and used against you in court.


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