Crane adds himself to Football Lads Alliance team sheet

Sarah Archibald - 24 02 18

Gary Crane, the self-proclaimed Nazi hard man and self-appointed world leader of the Right Wing Resistance (RWR), has returned to the fray.

This time the “leading figure in a Hitler-worshipping white power mob” has hitched a ride with the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA).

This is a second division splinter from the original Football Lads Alliance (FLA), the team which suffered such a dramatic loss of form after the crowd started chanting “Where’s the money gone?” (possibly to the tune of Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep).

Another chip off the FLA block is the Anti Terror Alliance (ATA) founded by yet another notoriously nutty Nazi, Eddie Stampton.

Anyway, Gary Crane.

He’s fresh out of chokey having been given eight months last year for his role in the Dover riot which saw some 60 fascists locked up for treason. Oh sorry, my mistake. Apparently it was for hitting people and throwing stuff, not their crimes against our national heritage.

Whilst he was breaking rocks, the RWR appears to have fallen by the wayside leaving a swastika shaped hole in Gary’s life. But never mind, he could hitch that DFLA ride. Literally, as he claims to have been on the gang’s open topped bus at its last demo.

However, Gary, who ironically enough doesn’t have much upstairs, is thought by the lads not to have been on the double decker.

Crane, who now makes the extraordinarily unlikely claim to work for a London security firm, is not the only far right winger to sign for the football lads.

The South East Alliance’s Keith Sutton (left) has also arrived on a free.

We know Keith from old. His pal, NF drummer boy Mac McElhinny, once expressed his desire to firebomb the HOPE not hate offices.

Sutton and friend, enjoying a barbecue.

It seems Mac is Sutton’s mentor as he’s now banging a very similar drum. He’s posted to the DFLA page what he thinks is our office address.

He wants to pay us a visit with his new football pals. How sweet. Maybe he wants to discuss Crystal Palace’s Premiership survival chances with Matthew Collins?

That’s probably it. Nothing sinister will have been intended we’re sure.

Well Keith, charmed as I’m sure we would be by your presence, the bad news is that we are not to be found at the address you’ve posted.

Google it son. There are over 2,000 companies and charities listed to that address. That might be because it’s home to professional firms which register said companies and charities.

It’s not just us the DFLA’s febrile fans are after. They call themselves Democratic in the same way the Nazis called themselves socialists.

They really don’t like democracy.

Thus their remit to defeat terrorism – by shouting a lot on the street – has now been extended to targeting the Labour Party and its affiliate groups. Spencer Fildes, a politically confused gent, had this to say.

A more co-ordinated attempt to target Momentum has also been launched by Jim Richards. Mind you, it’s not even Sunday League standard, the “research” thus far consisting of finding Facebook groups.

Quite what Jim and his team of amateurs plan to do with whatever information they find is unclear. I’m sure it’s something very lovely. Perhaps setting up a five-a-side league. It wouldn’t I’m sure be anything more sinister than that.

The fact that so many well-known far right activists have aligned themselves with the two football lads factions is hardly surprising. My eyebrows are also struggling to raise themselves at the apathy shown by their leaders to distance themselves from the likes of Crane and Sutton.

That, though, will make it increasingly hard for them to claim, as they do, that they are not themselves far right groups. For what it’s worth, whilst the original FLA was ideologically steeped in the right, it was not in itself a far right or fascist group. There were not tens of thousands of fascists on the streets, but angry white working class men on a misguided mission.

But the FLA was a natural magnet for far right street activists left homeless by the demise of the English Defence League, North West Infidels, South East Alliance and other fake patriot gangs. The question now is whether they will succeed in taking over these groups – or if their presence in fact hastens their demise.



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