Far-right four conspire to “attack the muzzers” and “overpower government”

Sarah Archibald - 28 03 18

Four far-right activists from Scotland and Merseyside have revealed their desire to launch co-ordinated attacks on Muslims and mosques nationwide.

Posting as ‘Alibaba Kuffur’, Rosyth’s Gordon Kenny (aka Gogs Kenny) sparked the conspiratorial discussion by announcing that “we should arm our selves and start attackin the muzzers.”

Kenny is a long-time Scottish Defence League (SDL) organiser and last year boasted to ITV of being a member of then proscribed National Action terrorist group.

Among the first to offer Kenny support was one ‘Bronson Jones’, otherwise known as Shaun Jones. Last year Jones earned himself national press coverage after HOPE not hate published pictures of him wielding a machete and revealed he wanted to “kill a muzzrat.”

Jones’ contributions was, then, predictably febrile. It also stirred Kenny to further notch up his own rhetoric. It has to be said that here both are advocating terrorist violence: co-ordinated violence with the aim of killing many people because of the faith they hold.

Now it might be that they’re just playing at being keyboard warriors. Equally it might not. Jones’ machete wielding antics are hardly comforting. It appears too that Kenny has four convictions for domestic abuse against his former partner.

Then there’s this ‘Ally Wolf’ character. We don’t know too much about him beyond his real name being Scott. On his Facebook profile he claims to have gone to school in Lesmahagow, near Lanark.

We do know that he’s thinking about how to carry out such an attack. His basic plan seems to be to keep the gang’s plans under the radar of the authorities. Scott can be assured that if the authorities haven’t already clocked this plot – they are keeping a much closer eye on Britain’s far-right now – then they’ll be sure to see this blog.

The fourth player in this terror tale is Kenny’s partner, Paula Lundy.

The picture below is from her Facebook page. So, yes, that does appear to be her wearing a balaclava and hailing the Ulster Volunteer Force. As the UVF is a paramilitary organisation it, like National Action, is proscribed.

Paula gets this, hence her comment about UVF membership being a (seriously) arrestable offence.

So should we be concerned?

The answer is clearly “yes.” The far-right in Britain may be fragmented, disorganised and much smaller than in the past. Those left though are the hardcore extremists. The thugs. The seriously disaffected, angry and empty.

Let’s not forget too that it’s only a few weeks since another Scottish Facebook far-righter threatened a mass shooting. As we previously reported Shaun Moth also claims to have shared a cell with Connor Ward who this month was convicted of two terror charges.

So how much of a leap of imagination is it to think that one – just one – of these crazed Facebook musings could translate into an actual act of terror?

Gordon Kenny tells ITV he’s a member of a terrorist group…
..and on the front page of the Daily Record after hijacking the tragic death of an Army veteran.




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