“Yorkshire Patriot” Liam Sutton threatens Abbott, Corbyn and Muslims with crossbows, pistols & rifles

Sarah Archibald - 20 04 18

In recent weeks we’ve read harrowing details of politicians receiving not just abuse, but death threats.

Earlier this year charges were also laid in relation to an alleged terrorist plot. The target: a Labour politician.

Then, of course, there was the appalling and brutal murder of Jo Cox by far right-following Thomas Mair.

It is against this background that Hull man Liam Sutton launched an extraordinary online rant. We’ve re-published it in full below. Racist and exploding with violence, it included an apparent threat against Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn.

Sutton describes the Shadow Home Secretary as “Fat Abbott the gorilla bitch”. He then references Jeremy Corbyn before immediately adding “lol me n a crossbow which will be here next weekend” before boasting of his wider armoury of pistols and rifles.

It reads very much like a threat.

“I’m armed to the teeth”

His extraordinary Facebook rant – posted to a closed group run by the far-right Yorkshire Patriots – continues to more explicitly threaten violence. It’s a difficult read, both because of its graphically foul content and Sutton’s writing style.

“I’m armed to the teeth, let the games begin,” he exclaims, making clear his targets are “the Islamic filth” and refugees whom he labels as cowards.

He boasts of having 87 previous convictions and an injunction which prevents him from being within 20 feet of a “P*ki shop”. For good measure he adds that he told Humberside Police – its Chief Constable no less – that he would fire bomb that shop.

He finishes by claiming knowledge of an arson attack by youths on the house of a local Muslim.

Sutton is clearly a warped and self-aggrandising fantasist, seeking to be the big-I-am within the thuggish racist gang that is the Yorkshire Patriots.

Nonetheless, you never know when online idiocy might translate into real life violence. The post and the threats and racism it contains, needs investigating.


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