EDL man jailed for 18 years over child sex abuse

Matthew Collins - 09 10 18

The police and courts in Sussex have dealt a major blow to one of Britain’s most nasty and pernicious child grooming gangs.

You may not have read much about the case because the usual assortment of flag-waving, virtue-signalling and cash-demanding fash were not outside court before, during or after sentencing.

The reason? Well, not for the first time it just so happens it was one of their own.


Former EDL activist Peter Gillett has been jailed for 18 years for multiple child sex abuses, including two counts of rape.

Yes, he’s been a little quiet of late, mainly due to being on remand and then reporting restrictions being added since his conviction last February, but former English Defence League (EDL) member Peter Gillett has been sentenced to no less than 18 years for a whole catalogue of sex crimes. His victims included two young girls and a boy.

You can read the report here.

Unsurprisingly there has been little word from the pernicious grooming gang that is the EDL, which last year saw another senior member, Leigh McMillan, jailed for 17 years after he abused his victim over 100 times.

Leigh McMillan, guilty

Then there was Paul Whiteside, a senior member of the EDL who took pictures of a 15-year-old girl in the bath and helped her run away with him before being arrested by police. He was given a suspended sentence and 10-year sexual harm prevention order last year.

Here he is with his friend Paul Gillett.

Paul Whiteside (left), Paul Gillett (right): both sexual offenders, both EDL

The EDL and others of their ilk had no problem promoting Gillett or sharing platforms and pints with the minor celebrity and one-time associate of the Krays.

We used to write quite a bit about Gillett’s activities in or around the EDL’s stunted orbit, but once he was charged with criminal offences we stopped. (That is what the law says you should do, even with child sexual offences.)

Fascist Tony

I have not written about the latest mishaps and machinations of the National Front (NF) for a week or two. I’ll rectify this by merely showing copy from a very recent edition of the Sunday World newspaper from Ireland.

Yes, Croydon’s boy wonder Tony Martin is actually described by the party’s pet name for him, their Fuhrer, as the “granny-sh**ger.”

What with his new-found fame and fortune as the NF’s leader it seemed only right and fair that Martin should splash out on one of Arthur Daley’s old suits for his first party conference as leader on the weekend.

With his latest flame ensconced with cushions and custard creams in a front-row seat, Martin proved he may have the suit but he certainly ain’t got the jibber jabber.

Never mind nazis, if you can’t feel the quality of the merchandise at least feel the width.

Take five

Talking of Ireland there’s another naughty, nutty neo-Nazi we have not written about for a while. Who remembers Jack Sengupta, the Anglo-Bengali race hater?

Sen (as he obviously prefers to be known), made a name for himself with his crack nazi gang the ‘Jack Sen Five’. He was cutting a dash amongst the fash: right up until he upped and disappeared from our shores to appear later as some kind of Takeaway Lord Haw Haw making radio podcasts from the Republic of Ireland.

Jack ‘Sen’ Sengupta

According to our friends there, armed police were recently called to Sen’s home near Annargy in Donegal. His neighbours speak of the Garda ASU visiting after a woman went banging on doors in the village in a somewhat distressed state.

Phoenix magazine has since reported that ammunition was found at the property. This is despite his old friends in the BNP and UKIP claiming Sen only fired blanks. We’ll keep you bang up to date on any further news – the minute Sen creates another new alias to feed us information on his every visit to the bog.

A nasty stain

And finally, much excitement from Italy with the arrival on our shores of fascist tattoo artist Ares Prehm – aka BruFus – the rap-singer of the Band Drittacore. Prehm is the leader of Casa Pound youth group Blocco Studentesco, and is doing an apparent residency in the capital, inking fascists with all kinds of their favourite dodgy insignia.

Ares Prehm – not so pretty in ink.


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