Far Right Roundup

Matthew Collins - 05 11 18

Wrong coloured hoods’

Much ado but not about nothing- but about morons in white hoods in Northern Ireland over Halloween.

Now, before Mumble and Bumble and wannabe GP’s persist with the idea there is some sort of massive Klan recruitment ongoing in the six counties, a few things should be put into perspective.
Firstly, there has been an enormous amount of “research” done into the incident in Newtownards and most of it is pish. The hooded clowns were not members of the Ku Klux Klan, but neither were they members of Britain First (as also reported).

A Little bit of ‘local’ research

They were tasteless idiots. That’s the issue. And yes, they did meet up with the leader of the National Front, (recently dubbed a “granny sha*g*r” by one of the newspapers in Ireland) and he is loving the publicity from the whole episode, because the ten hooded morons outnumber the membership of the National Front.

Now those who are certain there is a massive Ku Klux Klan presence in Northern Ireland are suddenly pointing out all kinds of well-known facts already known, that there has been a long and ongoing problem with racism and racist attacks in Northern Ireland. Perhaps they missed the longstanding (and incorrect) headline that Belfast is the “racist capital” of Europe from a few years back?


Old News

12 years ago I reported on the vicious racist backlash ongoing post the Good Friday Agreement. And it was neither the BNP, NF, KKK, BM etc, etc behind it all. Neither is it now and neither is it new. Black hoods are still the order of the day- not white hoods. So it came as no surprise when local journalists reported the wallies in the white hoods are linked to local Ulster Defence Association (UDA) man, Barry Good.

Race hate is not new to Northern Ireland

For some reason people will now claim that there is a substantial linkup between the UDA and other far-right groups in Britain and while that has been historically the case, it played no factor at all in this incident. To keep you up to date, KKK flags and imagery have often been popular with a tiny idiotic minority in Northern Ireland. One UDA boss even held a cross burning in the 90’s, whilst in 2014 KKK flags were erected in Belfast as part of some anti-Catholic flag stunt. And, not to forget, the ‘Billy Boys’ have form going even further back.
So, give it a rest or at least some accuracy, eh?

Moron Martin and the death of a disease

When Tony Martin took over the National Front (NF) some people still in the party hoped Martin would bring some literate and sober leadership to the party. Happily, this has not been the case. Martin’s given all manner of daft comments to newspapers claiming his “bird” being pictured with the Halloween Klan is good for his party.

The Sid & Nasty of Nazism
Martin & Mellor

This has gone down very badly with some. So too has the failure of Martin’s NF to protect the venue at the recent Holocaust Denial conference in Shepperton last month.
It was not hard for our intrepid reporter to find the fascists attending the conference holed up in a pub in Waterloo and simply follow them there. She even sat next to the dirty dozen of them on the train and had herself a little guffaw at all the horrible things Derek Beackon had to say about this writer and blog on the journey. Even among such non-illustrious types we’re happy to report the leader is as gormless as he looks.

That we found the conference has led to all kinds of excellent conspiracy theories. The half-baked Julie Lake has been claiming we hired a helicopter to follow them and also claims that we are somehow responsible for the death some hours later, in France, of the eminent disease that was Robert Faurisson. The organisers’ of the failed conference are now claiming they are going to beef up their security with “handy types” for future conferences. One assumes they are planning to dig up some SS men from somewhere other than Swansea. We can report from the conference that there were no issues with toilet rolls on account of Alison Chabloz being banned from attending.

Modern Nazi art is rubbish

Shite purchase of the year
Modern art is rubbish

Speaking of Julie Lake, she wins the ‘Shit Purchase’ of the year award for her John Tyndall portrait on the weekend. Tyndall was no looker, but he certainly was not as ugly as the portrait Lake forked out for. Like most people who attended the bash in Yorkshire on the weekend in memory of Britain’s most faulty Fuhrer, Lake had never met the man.
Those of us who did have the displeasure would be fairly certain that he never would’ve needed such a large cranium. Not only that, the mere sight of such ‘modern’ art would have not just Tyndall but also the other rubbish Austrian Artist turning in their spittoons’.

Dirty Dylan’s death roll

A little mention for Dylan Cresswell. He managed just five fan-boys to turn up to march in Liverpool on the weekend. He can sit at home smoking bongs all he wants now, because nobody is going to want to play with him again.

‘Dirty’ Dylan Cresswell

London BNP is revolting

And finally, the rumours of trouble in the British National Party persist. The entirety of their London membership (around forty) met over the weekend and there was more than a hint that time could almost be up for the current dubious double act running the party into the ground. Three years without an Annual General Meeting apparently goes against the party’s constitution. Of course, the people that run the BNP have a habit of changing the constitution as it suits them, but there was real anger from the floor and at the bar about what the members see as corruption.

Clive & Adam

You’ll read it here first, by the way, but don’t be surprised of one Nicholas Griffin turns up on some rabid donkey very soon proclaiming himself the Knight in shite armour.


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