Sellers slip-up reveals Manchester marketeer’s far right sympathies

Duncan Cahill - 21 11 18

For someone who makes her living from social media advertising design, Manchester’s Rachel Sellers displays remarkable ignorance of how Facebook works.

Sellers runs M33 Marketing Design from within a small complex which houses a range of independent and innocent businesses.

There’s some nice looking outlets in there. It looks great for picking up soaps and scents.

This could be what masks the malodorous stench of far right propaganda which emanates from Sellers stall, unbeknownst to her fellow and rather more respectable vendors.

Sellers is a fan of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka “Tommy Robinson.” I need not detain you further in detailing his history of far right activism and criminal endeavour.

There’s handy video covering the latter here though.

Sellers is bright enough to realise that advertising her association with Lennon might not be good for business.

She’s not though bright enough to realise she has.

Indeed such is her marketing expertise, she’s thinks her customers and would-be customers cannot see that picture on her Facebook.

As I type this, it’s here. If you’re quick you might catch it live before she works out either how to limit its audience, or delete it.

She’s a marketing whizz.

Her involvement in far right politics goes beyond affection for Luton’s little rabble rouser.

She also administers a Facebook group called North West Patriots. This is yet another new far right gang set up by Liverpudlian Wendy Cross.

As well as being an admin Rachel promotes the group on her Facebook page (again you’re invited to move quickly to see that before she seeks to delete all trace).

It’s a bold move for someone who also uses her page to advertise who she’s working for.

This, she reports, includes Wilmslow bar, Symposium, which was opened in 2016 by Hollyoaks actor Ashley Taylor-Dawson.

On her wide open profile she also claims to have a Friday night slot at city centre haunt, Impossible. It’s unclear what that night involves, but presumably it’s not a gathering of ‘North West Patriots’ nor a Tommy Robinson Fan Club meeting.

Back in Sale she’s happy to promote the work she appears to have done for James Goddard, another PayPal patriot.

This charmer was last seen hanging out at Poland’s recent fascist gathering, along with other prominent far right activists such as Lennon’s ex-sidekicks Caolan Robertson and Lucy Brown.

He’s spent the last few months gobbing off at Speaker’s Corner and football lads and ‘Free Tommy’ rallies. Now he has a dreadful corporate identity to match his dreadful rants.

Sellers is also Facebook buds with Bubba Kate Paris who is a thing in UKIP.

Paris also appears to want to cover her politics with a veneer of respectability.

This time it’s Manchester Civic Society which is tarred with the ugly brush.

This is a small registered charity, based in Stockport, concerned with “increasing awareness of the heritage and character of Manchester.”

Paris claims to be a board member.

Paris with her “British hero” Stephen Yaxley Lennon.

With infamous dog-trainer Markus Meechan.
With far right football hooligans the DFLA.


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