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It’s been a long while (well, about eleven months) since we have written about the adventures of faux UVF man Tommy Law. Law has been to prison and then hiding a broken heart up in Edinburgh, but it has not stopped him gobbing off from behind his Facebook profile.

The new ‘Captain Standoff’

Law once had himself pinned as the future leader of a revitalised terror gang in the shape of the old Combat 18, but his claims that he had been some kind of terror commander back home in Carrick, Northern Ireland, were exposed and Law made to look like a bit of a pillock a couple of years ago. This happened when the UVF made known a few home truths about what his life and activities were really like in the six counties while the ‘war’ was on.

Martin Corner, now using the name ‘Mart John.’

Moving from Coventry to Edinburgh earlier this year, it did not take long for Law to get back into the far-right and pickup where he left off – chatting nonsense about his paramilitary pedigree. Law has now teamed up with another convicted Nazi thug, Martin Corner, to try and relaunch the Nazi drug gang, the North West Infidels. Corner is currently on license after being released from prison recently for his part in far-right violence in Dover, in 2016. Part of Corner’s conditions is not using social media, but that has not stopped him resurfacing on Facebook under the name ‘Mart John.’

Tommy Law on ‘Tommy Robinson’

The current joint focus of their hatred is Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson), who they have both developed a violent obsession with. In one Facebook posting made yesterday, Law claims he would attack Lennon if he decide to turn up in Scotland again. The crux of this hatred appears to be Lennon being a Catholic, or in the vernacular of sectarian racists, a “Taig”.  I dunno, all that effort Lennon made by wearing a Rangers shirt not long ago, too…

Corner discusses how many people he has probably no real contact with

It’s not just the irrepressible Nazi snollygoster Jeremy “Jez” Turner who has been released from gaol of late. No, who can forget National Action’s Mr Angry, Lawrence Burns? Yes, Burns has been out of prison a while now and making himself busy raising the profile of the far-right’s ‘Prisoners of War’ a rag tag collection, some might say, of bad babysitters. Burns was famous for getting himself all hot under the collar envisaging a Holocaust of his own making while in the privacy of his own bedroom.  While in prison, Burns had cause to write some bloody awful poetry. He also had his four year sentence reduced last year when it was claimed in court that he was no more racist than the rest of his friends.  And if you want to see what has happened to some of those friends, dare you enquire here?

National Action’s Lawrence Burns marching with the NF earlier this month

Exception was asked at the time, (no doubt by his Oxbridge educated brief) that the court take into account that Burns had some kind of ‘poor educational background’ but other than his reading a host of hate manuals, little else was offered by way of evidence. Burns was finally back out on the streets earlier this month when he was one of the very few to march with the National Front to the cenotaph. No doubt he is still under going some kind of punishment as he had to march next to the pariah that is Stead Steadman.

Whether Burns will catch up with his old mate and mentor Ben Raymond remains to be seen.  Raymond is still hiding in Swansea- though still doing a fudgel job of it. It appears he almost broke down in tears when the BBC once more caught up with him last week. I could not possibly comment as to whether he wailed “leave me alone, chase after Alex Davies and his underdeveloped arms, instead.” That would be unkind.

Davies (and his underdeveloped arms) have apparently fled Swansea for the south west of England where he is still trying to recreate himself as some kind of radical leftist, albeit a Strasserite.  Yes, Alex; Hitler was a vegetarian, we are aware. Any Grumbletonians still associating with him have been warned.

Ben Raymond looking “busy” being an important Nutzi

Anyway, back to Raymond. Alone in Swansea is hardly Raymond’s Hans Fallada moment. Walking around trying to look busy or impressive while stroking your mustache is not his Hitler moment, either. Raymond is hiding in Swansea on the days he is not allowed to stay over at his girlfriend’s place. Raymond’s lonely days are spent sleeping most of the day above a shop before waking late afternoon to go out onto the street to smoke a few tabs and attempt to engage with locals.

Raymond’s hero?

Whether he has reacquainted himself with his old mate Ryan Fleming or not, I hope to bring news of next time.



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