“Milo comes first, at all times” says Milo Yiannopoulos

Right Response Team - 03 12 18

Yesterday HOPE not hate published an overview of Milo Yiannopoulos’ dire financial situation, as well as the huge financial opportunities for the far right in Australia.

An extensive cache of documents, including hundreds of items of his private correspondence, most of which relate to his aborted Australian tour, shed light on Yiannopoulos’ narcissistic personality and numerous interesting schisms amongst key international far-right figures.

In it for the money

Questions remain over Milo’s finances

Tellingly, at no point in the documents does Yiannopoulos mention politics, his beliefs or a desire to affect change. As if further evidence was required, the documents plainly reveal that Yiannopoulos is not a principled activist but rather is a money-grabbing contrarian who uses racist and misogynist politics to line his own pockets.

At one point he even brags how he will turn the Australia tour “into a money-printing machine.”

Yiannopoulos also displays his wild egotism. At times the messages amount to little more than Yiannopoulos bragging about his own brilliance. “You have no idea about my networks, skills, talent, experience,” he says in one message.

You have no idea about my networks, skills, talent, experience”
– Milo on himself 

He is forever reminding tour organiser Ben Spiller of his own importance. In one message, he says:

“This is MY Tour. That means if we are spending money on original content, it features ME. No one else.”

Similarly, in another he says:

“I’m the star, and it’s my show, and you need to get used to it.”

Finally, displaying dangerous levels of narcissism he slips seamlessly into the third person stating:

“Milo comes first, at all times.”

When news broke that Gavin McInnes, former leader of the Proud Boys, was to tour Australia at the same time, Yiannopoulos messaged Ben Spiller saying: “He’s [Gavin] small fry versus Milo and Ann [Coulter]. Irrelevant.”

Similarly, when it emerges that the far-right Canadian YouTuber Lauren Southern would be doing some promotional videos alongside Ann Coulter for the Australian tour Yiannopoulos lost his temper.

“Lauren Southern will not be doing a promo interview for my tour. You’re just paying to give Lauren Southern access and exposure. Why?”

He added:

“she [Southern] fucked us by deliberately doing her tour on the exact dates I’d told her. Why would you do this? What are you thinking? … The answer is No, it’s not happening… Fucking ridiculous.”

He also reveals a personality clash between Coulter and Southern saying “they don’t even like each other.”

This wild arrogance no doubt upsets his colleagues on the international far right and might explain why the documents show that according to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Australian tour operator, Penthouse, “Tommy [Robinson] wouldn’t tour if Milo was on tour”, clearly indicating that there is a relationship problem there.

That said, just last week, before these documents were leaked, Yiannopoulos emailed fans saying that he was to tour Australia next February alongside Lennon and McInnes. This is further evidence of his financial desperation.

“Milo comes first, at all times.”
– Milo on himself again

Throughout the leaked documents, he reiterates time and time again that he will never work with Penthouse and yet he has now accepted the tour. This may also be due to his desire to raise his profile down under with a view to moving there.

As well as his forthcoming book titled Australia, You’re My Only Hope! he also says in one leaked message that: “I am seriously considering a move to Australia in the next year or two. The political environment in the US is insane.”

HOPE not hate is continuing to trawl through the leaked documents and there will be more to follow.

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