Far Right Round Up

Duncan Cahill - 07 12 18

The Booker Prize judges are no doubt on high alert awaiting publication of Eddie Stampton‘s autobiography.

A Nazi Piece of Work will recall Unsteady Eddie’s salad days, no doubt in all its seedy detail.

Seedy detail.

Or perhaps not. Will the time he nearly beat his girlfriend to death make it to the final edit?

He might though revel in one of the many fall-outs and fall-ins he’s engineered over the years. That time he got Combat 18’s Charlie Sargent sent down will surely be prime amongst his humorous reminiscences?

It certainly caused us a few giggles at the time.

Whilst we’ve not yet had a chance to peruse an early draft we’re not expecting much in the way of erudite prose. A sneak preview of the cover supports this theory.

* Serving suggestion. ** Not to scale ***Better than the real cover.

The Index will mostly comprise a list of the various far right groups Stampton’s invented or leeched onto. Of late these include For Britain……talking of which…


Anne-Marie Waters is the latest target of Jim Dowson’s fundamentalist fury.

The leader of For Britain is in the sights of the founder of Britain First. I don’t speak literally of course. Dowson doesn’t point guns. He might know people that do mind you. After all he did once attempt to ship bullet-proof vests into Kosovo.

Anyway Dowson has belated clocked that Waters does not walk the same streets as he.

The “firebrand Protestant” is not all happy to learn that Waters is Irish, Catholic, gay, pro-abortion and once supported Labour. It’s quite a few boxes unticked for Jim.

He did miss a trick though. Surely he could have pointed out that For Britain arriving in Northern Ireland demonstrates a certain geographical ignorance?

After all Northern Ireland is in the United Kingdom, but not in Great Britain. For UK may not have the same ring to it and the acronym would be unfortunate, but it would be more accurate. Why not suggest it Jim?


Avid watchers of Sky News might have caught sight of some loudmouthed goons verbally abusing columnist Owen Jones on Parliament Square this week.

Much largeness was also apparently given to presenter Kay Burley.

Anyway it came as little surprise to us that one of those involved was none other than David Coppin.

The Margate mouthpiece is never far away from the far right action, unlike his Filipino wife who invariably gets left at home. Someone’s got to wash and iron the flags eh Davey?

Coppin, coppers.

This time Mrs Coppin missed some sort of pro-Brexit shenanigans involving a massive four or five protestors. Her hubby was joined by Max Hammet-Millay (aka Red Cap Boy)  who until recently was a player in Luke Nash-Jones’s rather niche Make Britain Great Again (MBGA) gang.

Luke appears to have disowned Max along with Mark Martin (aka Buska In The Park) so please do not suggest that the duo are part of his mighty MBGA. You’ll get an email.

You should also not mention, especially to Jim Dowson, that barely two years ago Max was a Corbyn-card-carrying lefty.


It seems that despite the rigorous media training Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was afforded by former employer Rebel Media, the Luton lout has still not quite grasped the law.

When news broke – first on social media – of the alleged assault on a Huddersfield schoolboy, Lennon jumped straight on it. He started to spread what even he had to later admit was “fake news” about Muslims.

But this embarrassment did not stop him continuing to interject. Despite clear reporting restrictions, Lennon’s subsequently posted videos which, as The Guardian and others have reported identify the alleged perpetrator. He’s even set up a website in his name.

His actions were picked up by Nazir Afzal, a man who knows his legal onions. Afzal is the former head of the North West Crown Prosecution Service and the man responsible for ensuring the Rochdale grooming gang, among others, were brought to justice.

He is quite the antithesis of Lennon; he has brought to justice those that have abused children.

In the measured tones you’d associate with a measured legal professional, Afzal has rightly flagged to West Yorkshire Police how Lennon’s actions are unlawful. Thus far all has been quiet on the legal front as Lennon merrily continues to prepare for his and Gerard Batten’s Brexit Betrayal protest on Sunday.




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