Far Right Round Up

Matthew Collins - 12 02 19

First of all, an apology from far-right motor-mouth that is James Goddard.

Yes, the self-declared leader of the vested ‘Yellow Peril’ has taken to Facebook to apologise to his mountain of followers for his outrageous behaviour last weekend when he was filmed issuing threats to journalists in Manchester.

I quote: “I’ve warned you, I swear to god when there’s no police around here, I’m going to take your head off your shoulders, and all the football lads will as well, your card is marked.”

Not surprisingly, Goddard’s apology was not to the particular journalist he threatened, but, instead, for being caught on camera doing so.

Posting as ‘Larry Holmess’ by way of circumventing a Facebook ban on his own identity, Goddard writes “I said some of the most stupidest comments I’ve ever made in my life.”

That’s probably debatable; it was only a few weeks ago he made dubious comments to a police officer and promised a war.

He probably means the apology itself it the “stupidest” comment he has ever made.

Goddard’s sorry not sorry.

The Manchester group of ‘Yellow Vest’ movement has many new and fresh faces popping up in a movement that is dominated by conspiracy theory and occasionally outright stupidity. Some not so new faces probably just hope we had forgotten all about them.

Take Christopher Hilton. Hilton claims that he works for a certain homelessness charity in Bolton.

That’s very commendable.

One wonders though whether he has declared to them that he was once a leading figure in the neo-Nazi British National Party (BNP), a party that wanted to make homeless lots of people with brown faces?

Probably not, and it appears his views have changed little since. I wonder how homeless Muslim people in particular, fair under his care?

Hilton, a five-star plonker.

We rang the charity to speak to Hilton and put our questions to him, but he said instead, “sod off.” So here we have it.

We look forward to Chris Hilton saying it is “fake news” even though we actually rang the charity, Emmaus Bolton, to clarify his or their position.

Hilton, from the days when the BNP had candidates.
Election glory.
A middle-aged man posts on Facebook.


Sen, he ain’t nothing like the real thing.

It’s been a while since we last heard about women running terrified from the home of Jack Sen, leader of the Jack Sen Five.

Fear not as next week we’ll see him on our screens ‘Sleeping With The Far Right’ in which Alice Levin will spend seven days at the home of Jack Sen and his family.

Obviously this was filmed long before Sen (real name Sengupta) had whatever domestic disaster befell him and allegedly led to Irish police visiting him for a friendly chat.

Sadly for Sen, he’s had another high profile desertion from his ranks with news that Timothy Scott has upped and gone missing, apparently in the wilds somewhere. He’s probably still running away from THAT Channel 4 interview.

Timothy Scott, celebrity TV interviewee.

Sen’s current project, ‘Liberty Defenders’ currently charge £7 per month to be a ‘Defender’ even though it is apparently non-profit. For that £7 you do not seem to even get a cheap T-shirt made in Sen’s ancestral homeland.

It did say you could go to a private function with Timothy Scott, but I guess that’s no more, either.

To ‘break even’ this month, Sen says the Jack Sen Five need seven more members to send then £7 per month. Why he can’t just drink (even) cheaper whiskey is a mystery.


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