Order of Nine Angles

Nick Lowles - 16 02 19

The Nazi Occult

The Order of Nine Angles is a Nazi-Satanist “group” (or Nazi Occult as they prefer to describe themselves) that promotes a supernatural, hateful system of thought which condemns liberal, Judeo-Christian society and longs for a new imperial age created by a ludicrous sub-Nietzschean superman figure called ‘Vindex.’ Ultimately, the O9A elite aspires to colonise the solar system.

The racist order deifies Hitler and the Third Reich, which are regarded as having attempted to create a “Satanic empire” in order to achieve the destiny of the western world.

Much of the O9A writings and activities appear on the surface quite comical. The chanting, the dressing up, the rituals. 

The Mass of Heresy, contained within the ONA’s Black Book of Satan, is performed before an altar adorned with a swastika banner, a framed photograph of Hitler and a copy of Mein Kampf. With black candles and incense of Mars burning, the congregation, dressed in black robes, chant:

We believe Adolf Hitler was sent by our gods To guide us to greatness.
 We believe in the inequality of the races

And in the right of the Aryans to live According to the laws of the folk.

In The Ceremony of Recalling, the Preistess blindfolds the Priest and takes him to each member of the congregation who kiss him. After being lifted on an alter containing “red candles and quartz tetrahedron”, the Priest has his robe removed by the Priestess as the others walk around him. After performing a sexual act on the Priest, the Priestess removes the robes of the congregation. Meanwhile, the Mistress, dressed in a white robe, “takes the person she has chosen and indulges herself according to her desire. The congregation consume the consecrated cakes [made from wheat, water, egg, honey, animal fat and marijuana] and wine and take their own pleasures according to their desires.” The ceremony ends with the killing of a chosen one; in a symbolic sacrifice, an animal replaces a person. On the next new moon, the congregation consume cakes containing the sacrificial victim’s blood.

But behind the fantasy and roleplay lies a very sinister organisation which has the potential to inspire their followers to commit extreme acts of violence. 

The O9A believes civilisation must be undermined and destroyed from within, so adherents are encouraged to be as grubby and horrible as they like – committing crimes, random acts of violence, sexual assaults, and even the “culling” of human victims.

The three volumes of The Black Book of Satan are considered so extreme that they are kept is a special section of the British Library and not available to the general public. There is repeated talk of “culling”, committing acts of violence and destabilisation and even terrorism. In the The Dreccian Way, an O9A training manual written by leader Richard Moult, followers are encouraged not just to commit crime, but to “spread it, encourage it, incite it, support it”.

O9A literature regularly advocates ritualised rape, random attacks on innocent victims and “human culling”. The Black Book of Satan volume 3 describes how the Spring Equinox should be celebrated by a human sacrifice of somebody who volunteers for the role by their bad deeds, which, it suggests, could be “a Nazarene, such as an interfering investigative journalist.” 

“Culling is natural and necessary,” wrote Moult in The Dreccian Way. “To cull humans is to be the ONA. To cull – according to our guildlines and tests – is what makes us ONA.”


a picture of nazi satanist Richard moult
Richard Moult

The O9A was formed in the 1960s by the coming together of three Shropshire-based Dark Pagan covens – Camlad, the Temple of the Sun and the Noctulians.

One of the early adherents was David Myatt (see profile on page 84), a quiet, unassuming man who had been drawn into the Nazism and the occult at an early age. He is believed to have had a relationship with the Lady Master and together they had a child. He was to take on the satanic pseudonym of Anton Long. After the Lady Master moved to Australia with her daughter Myatt become the leader and has written the vast majority of the group’s literature.

In the 1990s the leadership of the O9A was taken over by Richard Moult, who is now an artist and musician living in the Hebrides, and operates under the name Christos Beast. He publicly resigned from the O9A in 2001, but has since returned to the fold in 2008. Myatt has also publicly left the O9A, but again this is highly suspect as Moult recently admitted that the two remain in regular contact.

The Nazi Occult

The Order of Nine Angles is intrinsically intertwined with Nazism. Over the years Myatt has been involved in the British Movement, the National Democratic Freedom Movement and Column 88. During the 1990s, Myatt become involved in Combat 18 and the National Socialist Alliance, produced two e-newsletters The National Socialist and Reichsfolk, and then later created the National Socialist Movement, which included the London nail bomber David Copeland among its members.

When asked in 2005 if the O9A were posing as nazis to recruit and spread their message, Myatt – writing under the name Darkos Lago – responded: “You seem to have missed the point about ONA and National Socialism.

“From the get-go the ONA have propagated holocaust revisionism, have praised Hitler, have encouraged members to join NS groups, with one of their core principles being, to quote Professor Monette, ‘theWay of Defiance of and Practical Opposition to Magian Abstractions’. This principle refers to the ONA’s opposition to what it perceives as illegitimate Magian (western Judaeo-Christian) control of global culture and economics.

“Magian is ONA code for ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government – a phrase to describe the Jewish control of the state that became widely adopted by nazis in the 1980s and 90s].”

Disruption and subversion are two tactics widely encouraged by the ONA. Destablising society through terror and acts of sabotage formed a central theme of Myatt’s writings while he was associated with C18. 

“We have to stop dreaming of winning national power by playing the unfair electoral game of our opponents and start being practical. The primary duty of all National Socialists is to change the world. National Socialism means revolution: the overthrow of the existing System and its replacement with a National- Socialist society. Revolution means struggle: it means war. It means certain tactics have to be employed, and a great revolutionary movement organised which is primarily composed of those prepared to fight, prepared to get their hands dirty and perhaps spill some blood.”

Even after the 11 years he spent as a Muslim, becoming a key ideologue for al-Qaeda, he never really left his National Socialism behind. In one interview he explained how he had tried to unite radical Islamists with national socialists in a joint war against the Jews, had pushed Holocaust Denial and whipped up Muslims to attack Israel.

Reflecting on 40 years of political activity, Myatt said in a 2005 interview with Aryan Nations, “In my own life, I have tried to create some things which can disrupt our societies and which can lead to the creation of strong, really dangerous, ruthless individuals – some things which are so subversive that no laws could ever outlaw them, and that attempts to restrain them, to outlaw them, would only make them more attractive to some individuals.”


For a man so committed to his nazi occult ideals, it might appear strange that Myatt has punctuated his 50 years as a satanist with spells consuming himself in other religions. He has been a Taoist, a Bhuddist monk and more recently a Muslim. Likewise, when Richard Moult publicly resigned from the O9A, he become a Catholic and immersed himself with Bible study.

Rather than true conversions, they were following what they themselves describe as “insight” – a deliberate ploy to infiltrate, explore and subvert other organisations and religions, especially those that offer recruits the chance to learn violent skills.

Supporters are encouraged to join the police and army in the hope that they get a chance to kill. 

During Helm’s recent court case, where he eventually was found not guilty of being a member of National Action (NA) after the group was proscribed, it emerged that he had been part of the Prevent – the Government’s counter-extremist deradicalisation programme. While this fact helped persuade the jury that he was no longer active in NA, Helm described his participation in Prevent as “insight”, an implication that he had got involved to find out more about it and potentially subvert it.

A worldwide network

For many years the O9A had just been Myatt, Moult and a handful of close followers. However, in recent years it appears to have taken off, with Nexions (chapters) and likeminded organisations springing up across the world.

But in the internet age, as extremists from around the world congregate together online, seeking out the “edgiest” positions and ideas, and younger people are drawn in, the O9A is arguably becoming more visible and influential than ever.

There are O9A groups, or connected groups, across North America, European and Australia. Among the connected groups is The Black Order, the Australian- based Temple of Them and Californian-based White Star Association. 

In the UK, a key O9A organsier is a West Country- based musician who goes by the name Michael Mouthwork. Mouthwork and Moult have collaborated on several musical projects through Mouthwork’s MMP Temple label, including The Man Whom The Trees Loved, produced in 2017.

According to writer Dylan Miller, Mouthwork’s facebook page carried numerous satanic pictures, including one with a rotting head stuck on a pole, surrounded by a swastika made out of human bones. Other photos included Mouthwork wearing a nazi uniform, with a swastika armband and some strange leaf headgear.

The National Action link

neo-nazi group National Action marching, looking menacing

The Yorkshire O9A nexion is run by Ryan Fleming, who went on to become a leading figure in National Action. He was also a prolific writer. Under the pseudonym A. A. Morian, Fleming has written several vampire/satanic books which have an international and youthful audience.

As a teenager in Horsforth, Fleming had a reputation for bullying others and a supreme confidence in his own looks, charm and personality. He liked to portray himself as a swashbuckling and debonair character and made a name for himself by often riding a horse bareback to the local pub or outside schools.

Among many of Fleming’s disturbing heroes and heroines, were the Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, which strangly made him popular with NA. 

In 2011 Fleming was jailed for the sexual assault of a vulnerable young man who he imprisoned and tortured before forcing him to perform a sex act.NA refused to disown Fleming as it is thought Satanism played a part in the ‘White Jihad’ theory they and the American terror group Atomwaffen Division (AWD) was developing. Fleming’s books focus on hunting down people in rural settings and feeding on them.

In July 2017, after National Action had been proscribed by the Home Secretary, Fleming was jailed for three years for raping a fourteen year old girl.

The O9A influence has also been seen in the Atomwaffen Division (AWD), a violent American nazi terrorist group operating out of Florida. According to the Southern Poverty Law Centre, the “AWD is organized as a series of terror cells that work toward civilizational collapse. Members, who can be fairly described as accelerationists, believe that violence, depravity and degeneracy are the only sure way to establish order in their dystopian and apocalyptic vision of the world.”

There have been numerous mentions in support of the O9A on AWD forums.

Sonnenkrieg division

More worryingly, is the influence O9A appears tohave on the Sonnenkrieg Division, which has emerged in recent months out of the now largely defunct System Resistance Network, which itself came out of National Action. Leading the group is Andrew Dymock, who is obsessed with the occult and believed to be close to Ryan Fleming and Garron Helm.

Under his leadership, the Sonnenkrieg Division has produced some of the most frightening and sickening material seen on the British far right for decades, including open interest in Satanism and the promotion of paedophilia, rape and murder. Sodomy was also a disturbing and repetitive theme.

Probably influenced by the O9A, members of the Sonnenkrieg Division openly celebrate and encourage sexual violence and even lionised notorious figures such as the Moors Murderer Ian Brady. Members frequently make reference to the O9A, often including keywords or acronyms in their online pseudonyms.

With the SD being more extreme and potentially violent than National Action, this is a very worrying development. HOPE not hate understands that some members have also carried out some of these satanic fantasies and allegations of rape and imprisonment against their own members are circulating.

A real threat

The O9A’s absurd beliefs may contribute to the threat it poses being underestimated. However, any group that encourages racism, violence, sexual abuse and murder should be treated seriously.

In an interview as recently as 2013, Myatt explained their strategy. “Insofar as I understand the matter, it seems that the ‘satanic’ overtones of the ONA serves several subversive purposes. First, to propagate the heresy – contrary to the magian (Jewish) ‘satanism’ of Levey and others – that, as I mentioned in a previous reply, “as originally used and meant, the term satan refers to some human being or beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ are the Jews.

“Second, to attract a certain type of rebellious young person who is prepared to do stuff – as an ‘insight role’ or otherwise – that NS and racial nationalist political groups can’t do. Third, to propagate a certain mystique, an occult aura, of dangerousness, difficulty, perplexity, and to confuse outsiders.”

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