What you need to know about Identitarianism

24 03 19

WTF Big Tech?!

The first Ctrl Alt-Right Delete podcast exclusively for Patreon members (Bronze and above) is now live! HOPE not hate’s Joe Mulhall and I talk about the crucial role social media platforms play in spreading hate. We recorded this before NZ but it feels especially timely this week in light of Big Tech’s role in helping a mass murderer spread hate and extremism to a global audience.

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Identitarianism: The Inherently Dangerous Ideology that Influenced the Christchurch Killer

by Simon Murdoch

Away from the internet culture references and trolling found in the Christchurch murderer’s manifesto, were numerous implicit and explicit references to key elements of the “identitarian” political ideology. At its core, identitarianism espouses the view that non-white and, especially, Muslim migrants pose an intrinsic threat to white, non-Muslim people. Identitarians also say: Get active or be “replaced” by migrants. It’s no surprise some take this as a call to violent action.

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Brain Force for Brits: Is Alex Jones Launching An InfoWars Copy in the UK?

from the HOPE not hate research team

Paul Joseph Watson, editor of InfoWars, has announced that he will soon be launching a new venture. However, HOPE not hate has long heard strong rumours within the UK far right that Alex Jones has been keen to break the UK and European markets and is ready to invest big this side of the Atlantic, begging the question, is this Jones’ plan finally coming to fruition?

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  • A new report from social media tracking company NewsWhip has shown the effects of Facebook’s turn towards “meaningful interactions”. As NiemanLab highlight, “It has pushed up articles on divisive topics like abortion, religion, and guns; politics rules; and the “angry” reaction (????) dominates many pages, with “Fox News driving the most angry reactions of anyone, with nearly double that of anyone else.”


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Blatant Self-Promotion

Iowa Readers: Come see me next week at The Future of US Politics: Looking Ahead to 2020 at the University of Iowa, Wednesday, March 27, 2019 – 7:00pm to 9:00pm. “Join us for a thoughtful discussion of politics in the United States and the future of the Democratic and Republican parties from left, right and analytical perspectives. Featuring Melissa Ryan of Ctrl Alt-Right Delete, Chris Buskirk of American Greatness, and Tamara Keith of NPR.” Be sure to say hello too. I love meeting CARD readers!

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