New Nazi party edges ever closer

28 03 19

For some while there has been considerable rumour about the possibility of a new far-right party waiting in the wings to launch in the United Kingdom.

Primarily regarded as being the key behind this new party are one hundred or so Nick Griffin loyalists – and not the fifty or so other neo-Nazi fanatics currently plotting with Larry Nunn on Facebook for pretty much the same thing.

News that Griffin is plotting a political comeback would spell bad news for a number of far-right figures currently experiencing the absolute worst of the doldrums politically and electorally, despite the eminently excellent conditions that appear to prevail.

Griffin: Poundshop Mosley.

Griffin, the most successful far-right leader Britain has had, has been licking some considerable wounds since he was humiliatingly dumped from both his seat in the European Parliament and then from his position as leader of the British National Party (BNP), back in 2014.

Despite attempts – many of them in fact, to try and replicate the kind of success and notoriety the BNP enjoyed under Griffin’s leadership, the National Front (NF) and the BNP, parties that have previously been led by Griffin, have failed miserably. The NF is moribund and moronic whilst the BNP has shown little or no interest at all in engaging in the political process.

Britain First, the British Democratic Party and The English Democrats all have/have had considerable (anti) Griffin influences and have all failed at the ballot box. Britain First has at least employed and enjoyed similar disgust directed at it as the BNP did under Griffin, but has done a better and more significant job at humiliating itself, even without the trips to the curry house.

Golding: Failed to progress

An ever controversial and divisive figure, Griffin has spent the past five years trawling Europe and the Middle East where he is held in minor reverence in dark quarters.  His influence in Hungary, where he planned to decamp in defeat was so pernicious the government there eventually expelled him. A not inconsiderable feat considering he is neither Jewish, Muslim, or progressive.  

Despite the travel and boozy banquets as well as being a (surprisingly) popular figure for “selfie” requests, it has been  a painful five years for Griffin. Even the BNP’s subsequent demise was only a temporary pleasure.

That his supporters managed, in the main, to avoid flocking en masse to other parties or groups was somewhat of a comfort at least. Like a Poundshop Mosley waiting in Paris (or in his case, Hungary and Wales) Griffin has agonised over his legacy. His hatreds and conspiracies may have inflamed and inspired the passions of the terror group National Action (even though they too, hated him) but every far right group post-Griffin has been doomed to fail because they tried so hard not to be Nick Griffin.

While Griffin shares (not unsurprisingly) many of the London Forum’s and Larry Nunn’s current dismissiveness of fascists any longer pursuing an electoral path (and of course, the conspiracy theories therein), in the five years since the BNP jettisoned him from post, there has been nobody to match Griffin’s capabilities.

Nunn: Cannot even buy a Nazi supporter.

These supposed ‘capabilities’ reverberate around understanding the ‘Jewish Problem’ and  all that entails- most importantly a resolute opposition to multiculturalism and a strong and certain belief that Jews lay behind all British and world ills.

It is such a strongly held belief by Griffin and his followers- that Britain is broken and beyond redemption that they initially tried to decamp to Hungary. Retreating both electorally, socially and culturally is not solely a Griffin obsession- as we reported last month the other thoroughbred neo-Nazis and fascists following Larry Nunn are also keen on decamping to an all-white homeland aside some shed or other in this country.

Griffin has actually been trying to re-influence the far-right in this country for more two years. By use of proxies like the hysterically comical Jack Sen and Timothy Scott he has tried to destabilise most notably the Alt Right and Counter Jihad movements, undermining the likes of Stephen Lennon (aka ‘Tommy Robinson’) and Anne Marie Waters’ For Britain.

Anne Marie Waters: Wanted gone.

Last year Griffin held secretive meetings with a number of disaffected Lennon off-siders and members of the European Identitarian Movement. Though he had some success in influencing a split in their ranks in Ireland and Britain, he was ultimately unsuccessful due to the rabid attack he launched on a number of key figures in the movement November 2017 with the publication of a document that listed a whole host of their alleged perversions and pitfalls.

Initially a wholly unpopular and unwelcome document, Griffin took more than a little delight when many of his key themes of attack were reiterated during another split in the movement earlier this month. It certainly acted as the necessary shot in the arm for Griffin and his supporters.

Griffin’s homophobic attack on the Alt Right.

Griffin gave an interview last year in which he stated:

“Frankly, I think that most of the Alt-Right ‘thinkers’ are shallow and inexperienced, while ‘intellectuals’ and philosophical waffling have always left me cold. The inability of so many of our people to discriminate in favour of the good, decent and sane, and instead to put on pedestals a variety of pro-Zionist shills, obvious nut-job neo-Nazi cranks (I wrote well in advance that Charlottesville was a blatant trap, but even some good people in the USA marched straight into it) and self-confessed homosexuals is particularly unimpressive.

“ I’ve known and liked successive leaders of Germany’s NPD (the real nationalists, not the fakes and cowards promoted by the ‘counter-jihad’ Zionists), but the new one, Frank Franz is particularly worth watching.”

Further, Jack Sen’s recent appearance on C4’s ‘Sleeping with the Far Right’ was supposed to be another shot in the arm for the ‘Griffinites’. Although Sen’s horrendous performance did not act as such, it’s clear that he will most likely be at Griffin’s side for the relaunch of any party or movement.

Sen: A necessary evil.

Yes, the grubby little self-hater may have gone bleating to the Daily Telegraph claiming he was no longer so extremely anti-Muslim after the Christchurch shootings, but one should remember that at that exact time, Nick Griffin was returning from a trip with his coalition of fascist MEPs and their supporters from a trip to visit Hezbollah.  

Griffin was not publicised or photographed in the official record of the meeting due to the British government’s recent decision to ban the group and its supporters from entering the UK. It didn’t stop Griffin being present at a meeting with the Lebanese Prime minister however.

Griffin has long been, if not an admirer, at least able to accommodate Shia Muslims, as have a small number of other British far-right figures. Many others would neither care to- or dare to. However, it’s an accommodation Griffin has used for years to define or attempt to legitimise his career defining Antisemitism and hatred of Israel.

This September, Griffin supporters are planning to hold a ‘BNP reunion’ at the far-right’s usual venue in Blackpool. They will plot and discuss how to nullify English Defence League (EDL) founder Stephen Lennon’s popularity so that Griffin can return to his place as the ultimate king of the far-right. 

Lennon: Griffin’s main nemesis.

The anticipated disastrous election results for a number of smaller far-right parties in this May’s local elections will be used as the perfect excuse and springboard for Griffin’s return to politics and to launch a well-funded attack on the Counter-Jihad movement.

Griffin sees absolutely no future in electioneering but instead sees huge potential for a movement, like Lennon’s, that he feels if influenced correctly can dramatically shift the discontent from the malcontents further up a path to his own front door.


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