Some Nazis are still in denial about their boy Jack

05 04 19

We’ve known about Jack Renshaw’s predilection and convictions for grooming young boys for almost two years.

However, there was nothing we could say about it through fear it would prejudice his further trials.

News that the Nazi terrorist Renshaw also had a sickening lust for young boys appears to have come as a massive shock to his friends- but of course, many of them are lying and many of them are simply in denial.

A clue to Renshaw’s lust for children first came to light when HOPE not hate exposed the paedophile Ryan Fleming operating in the ranks of National Action back in 2016,  

As well as the group’s then spokesman Ben Raymond and his current girlfriend Alexander Burton predictably defending Fleming,  Renshaw [writing as Jack Albion] wrote how many other Nazis merely pretended they too did not have child porn on their computers.

Blackpool BNP

We asked at the time what was Renshaw’s obsession with the Blackpool paedophile and hotelier Andrew Gregson.  I guess we’ll never truly know.

Renshaw was a member of the infamous Blackpool British National Party (BNP), a group we have often said was a meeting place for paedophiles and child molesters. No matter how much we hate these people’s politics, we do not throw about such accusations lightly.

As well as wanting to kill women, the sadistic Renshaw tried on numerous occasions to lure young boys to his home.

He sent them intimate pictures of himself and offers of cash if they would come to his home for “cuddles”.  He used the name ‘Randy Marsh’ when grooming, telling one young boy “that’s because you make me randy.”

His internet searches for paedophile pornography were horrifically frequent. But there is little to be gained from us elucidating on what he specifically searched for, aside to say he had a taste for children in great distress.

Sinister and disturbing

Time and time again we warned throughout the existence of National Action that the group had a sinister and disturbing obsession with under age sex.

At trials in Birmingham last year, evidence came to light how members of National Action saw no problem with having sex with children. And let us not forget how the group actually celebrated having the paedophile Fleming active in its ranks.

Larry Nunn, aka Max Musson, the ageing fool who wants people to follow him to some kind of neo-Nazi Neverland, has been particularly keen to attempt to spread doubt on Renshaw’s conviction. Unsurprisingly, he claims it was probably HOPE not hate and Mossad etc who stitched Renshaw up.

The jury thought the evidence incontrovertible Larry.

Such a claim was actually used in an grooming trial as Renshaw’s defence! Yes, apparently, Mossad/HOPE not hate etc were all working together and hacked his phone (actually the numerous phones) Renshaw used to watch child porn and groom young boys. Many people may have missed this report by the BBC which clears it up exactly.

In June 2018, Renshaw was convicted of four counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and jailed for an additional 18 months. This could not be reported at the time because he had decided to murder an MP and a police officer to detract from his paedophile convictions.

In the dock in Preston he appeared sheepish as videos of police interviews with his two young victims, conducted by DC Henderson- the police officer he would later plot to murder, were shown to the court.

One boy described how Renshaw – using a fake Facebook profile under an assumed name – called him a “hottie” and “jailbait”.

“He was getting too weird, saying he wanted to do weird sexual things to me,” the victim said. “Deffo getting cuddled, you,” Renshaw had informed him.

Renshaw asked the child for explicit photos and tried to entice him into sex by offering money, drugs and pizza: “One night. 10 grand. Me and you” he had told the boy.

“I was scared for my life,” the child told DC Henderson.

‘Dirty paedophile’

The second boy said Renshaw bombarded him with messages daily. Around Christmas time 2016, he sent the child an image of some presents and said he could have them in exchange for intimate pictures. Renshaw even sent the boy graphic photos of himself.

When the child called Renshaw a “dirty paedophile” he replied by saying “that turned him on”, the victim recalled.

In the witness box Renshaw had only this explanation for how evidence of his sexual interest in children – including very explicit search terms – came to be on four separate mobile phones to which only he had access and that were seized by police over a period of several months. It was due to “real time synchronised access” by Hope not Hate.

Hacking, to put it another way. Such hacking is so complex it is beyond the capabilities of advanced states.

The fake Facebook profile, Randy Marsh had been accessed during bursts of online activity that Renshaw admitted were his own, including sometimes within seconds of social media accounts in his own name being used.

Defence a ‘complete fantasy’

No expert evidence was advanced to support the defence thesis and the prosecution technical experts – who agreed it was impossible for any hacking to have taken place – were not asked by Renshaw’s barrister about the theory. This was because the defendant put it forward so late in the legal process.

The prosecution described his story as a “complete fantasy.”

When asked if he had any qualifications in expert phone analysis, Renshaw admitted he did not but insisted: “I used to be a technician for Dixons retail.”

Yes, having worked a few weekends as a shop assistant, Renshaw was convinced he knew more than the actual experts.

Unsurprisingly, as well as Nunn, conspiracy nutter Mike Whitby has been keen to push it was all some kind of Jewish plot, too. Apparently the police did it all.

Mike Whitby

Some people claim they are not surprised Renshaw was a paedophile. 

It’s an uncomfortable truth for many, that the far right in this country has long be riddled with child abusers.

National Action, with its links to the Satanic Order of Nine Angles actively encouraged the practice privately among its supporters.

Mark Collett.

Not every Nazi  believe HOPE not hate is inexplicably to blame for it, too. Mark Collett, who has plenty of experience in these sorts of things, has asked the question about the nature of National Action founder Ben Raymond and his role in all of this sickening scandal.

As for Ben Raymond, the person who created National Action, he has been waxing lyrical on the case of Jack Renshaw.  There was never any love lost between the two. Renshaw quickly became National Action’s favourite speaker in place of “silly Ben” as they called him.

Ben Raymond, “glorious leader”.

Writing about Renshaw last night, Raymond opined “I have seen a lot of people defending and speculating on Jacks pederasty both among those to whom this is news, and to those who write to him and have their heads filled with his shit, lies, and excuses. I am sorry but the government didn’t take a photo of Jack’s arse and send it to a pubescent boy, that didn’t happen. He was always a creep who showed an unhealthy lack of interest in women, really all makes sense, I don’t get why anyone is so surprised.”

Who knows, maybe it was Collett who got on the phone to the social, eh Alexandra?


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