Patricia shows local kids a Nazi time

08 04 19

Patricia Linton – aka Melanie Adams – is one of the UK’s most dedicated neo-Nazis.

Hailing from Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders, she and her nefarious activities have been on our radar for some time.

We flagged her to the Scottish police some five years ago following social media posts in which she complained her young child refused to take part in a daily ritual of saluting a picture of Adolf Hitler on her living room wall.

Nazi Patricia Linton

We heard nothing back but watched as Linton continued to accrue more flags, weapons, badges, boots and braces for a disturbing collection of Nazi paraphernalia.  She took part in violent demonstrations in Dover, Leeds and Manchester.

Linton lives and breathes Nazism.  Her Nazism is not overly problematic as that is her (poor) choice, but as she has continued to demonstrate some very bizarre and disturbing parenting practices.

Yesterday some very disturbing pictures came to light from inside Linton’s home and in particular her bedroom – a room adorned with Nazi flags, Nazi ornaments and golliwogs. In the room were three young children giving a Nazi salutes in front of her swastika flag. Unlike Linton we have covered their faces.

It would appear Ms Linton has thrown her home open to young people to meet whilst she indoctrinates them in her hatred for people of colour, Muslims and Jews. She has disturbingly and shamefully exploited these children for her political gain and advertised the ‘work’ she is doing on social media.

As well as pictures of young children Nazi saluting, Linton’s social media page is littered with vulgar and disturbing racial hatred.  Perhaps the next time police are around her house about the noise and late night disturbances, they should take a look inside? After all, she does have a long history of violence.


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